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I’ll be honest, Summer is the time that I think about really looking after my skin because that’s the time of year that it is most on show. It isn’t when your skin needs the most care though, and it certainly isn’t when I should be looking out for mine.

Dry flaky skin that is forever dehydrating under layers and layers of warm clothes, my body suffers more in winter through the lack of exposure to fresh air; among other things a skin specialist could surely explain.

This winter make a pledge to yourself and your skin to take care of one another when the weather gets wild.

A body scrub is an amazing reason to spend a little longer luxuriating in a hot bath or shower and when the weather is wet and windy how better to warm yourself up than with a long hot shower.

Buddy Scrub is an Australian product that is cruelty free, no animal testing, vegan friendly and filled with all natural ingredients that is sure to leave you with soft and silky skin.

Exfoliation, nourishment and moisture; three of the most important things to offer for healthy skin and I find that this is even more important in the winter months, possibly because of the heating.

buddy scrub

Buddy Scrub comes in three fabulous varieties, all of which are made from natural ingredients that are good for the skin so should be fine even for sensitive skin; though a patch test is advised before using all over.

Green Tea Body Scrub utilises sea salt and sugar to exfoliate, green tea and coconut oil to nourish with jojoba and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

Raw Cacao Body Scrub exfoliates with sea salt and brown sugar, nourishes with raw cacoa powder and coconut oil with sweet almond and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

Activated Charcoal Buddy Scrub contains sea salt and sugar to exfoliate, activated charcoal and coconut oil to nourish with jojoba and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

Completely animal product free and with no animal testing the Buddy Scrub is great for vegans, it’s all natural so will make a great friend for all skin types and results will start to be noticed after the very first scrub.

The cooler weather is here and that means that there isn’t going to be much natural tanning going on so it pays to note that Buddy Scrub is great in conjunction with spray tanning, before to exfoliate away all that dry, flaky skin and then again when you are ready to remove the tan.

Twenty of our lucky Beauty and Lace Club Members will be trialing the Activated Charcoal Buddy Scrub and you can read what they thought in the comment section below.

For more information about Buddy Scrub you can follow them at Buddy Scrub and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

RRP: $15.95

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