Interview: Megan + The Achilles

Today I have Megan from Indie Folk group “Megan & The Achilles” with us for an interview, read on to find out more about this up and coming Queensland band:

How did you settle on the name “Megan & The Achilles”?

Well, my name is Megan Achilles and that’s what I was using when I was performing as a solo artist. Then when my brothers came into the mix and we decided to pursue the band thing instead of my solo project, we didn’t want the changeover to be too drastic. And it makes sense – they are ‘The Achilles’ boys. That’s how all our friends refer to them. So it seemed like the natural choice.

What is it like to work so closely with your siblings, is there pulling hair and name calling or have you managed to all get along?

When we practice, we really get at each others throats! I am a real perfectionist and can be a bit too highly strung when we have a gig to prepare for, whereas the boys are way more chilled out and probably more inclined to just ‘wing it’, so that’s where we tend to clash. But then once we get on stage, it’s like we forget about all of that and just enjoy the music.

Who is in charge?

Definitely me. Like I said, I’m the control freak and the boys just cruise along for the ride.

Tell us a bit about your style of music…

We describe it as Indie Folk, but we do take influences from lots of different genres. In different songs there are little bits of rock, pop and country/roots. We like dabbling with different sounds, but ultimately we want to create something that makes people feel good and want to have a groove.

That being said, a lot of my lyrics can be quite dark and deep, so it’s a bit of a juxtaposition between the upbeat, feel good music and the heavy lyrics.

How did it all begin?

Because we are family, we have been tinkering together at home since we were young. We decided in 2014 to officially become a band after the boys had played with me at a few of my solo gigs and so many people had commented on how it seemed to work so well.

megan and the achilles

Where do you get your inspiration?

For songwriting, inspiration can be difficult and I’m pretty slow at finishing songs. But I find that usually my songs are inspired by a certain situation or lesson in life that I learned and can look back and reflect on.

You recently released a self titled EP and your new single is “Empty Little Heart”, what is this song all about?

This song is about lies. It’s about all the lies that we’re fed as consumers (by media etc.) that try to mould us into this box and how those lies are unfulfilling. And about my own experience trying to fend off those lies.

What was it like performing at Toowoomba’s Easterfest?

It was really great. We always had fun there, they have a great atmosphere and we always felt like the crowd was so into our music. Gigs are always so enjoyable when you can feed off the crowds energy.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

Well I live on a farm, so I like riding motorbikes, actually I’m really into gardening too.

Favourite spot to hang out in Queensland?

That’s really hard! I’d have to say the Whitsundays, I’ve been there a bunch of times and they are so beautiful.

What is next for Megan & The Achilles?

At the moment we are trying to pick up as many gigs as we can to keep the momentum happening from the release of our EP/single. But later in the year we’d really like to do a bit of an East coast tour and play more festivals.

Where can we next see you play?

We are playing at the Big Pineapple festival on the Sunshine Coast on 28 May. We’re super excited about it too, it’s going to be a great gig.

Saturday 28th May – The Big Pineapple Festival, TBA
Tickets available at  | 18+ only

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