Book Review: April’s Glow

Author: Juliet Madison
ISBN: 9781760370312
RRP: $4.99

This month Madison has seen two new books release into the world, two very different books in very different series. April’s Glow is the 4th book in the Tarrin’s Bay series, and the first I have read. I haven’t read any of Madison’s contemporary romance since her debut Fast Forward, though I have kept up with The Delta Girls series.

April’s Glow is set in the small seaside town of Tarrin’s Bay and focuses on April Vedora and her hunky new neighbour Zac. The book is told in the third person but still alternates between April and Zac’s perspectives.

I am going to say that I think the book stands convincingly on its own, I don’t feel that I lost anything having begun the series at book four. At the same time there were moments while reading that I wondered about April’s past and how much of her backstory may have been contained in earlier books. From reading the blurbs I think the books focus on separate couples so it would only have been a brief meeting with April anyway, I think.

April is a fun and vibrant new business owner who is carrying a pretty hefty amount of baggage. An accident changed the course of her life and nothing is how she thought it would be. A run of bad luck and being stood up on the first date she had the courage to make sees her decide to pull back and focus solely on her fledgling new candle store.

Her new neighbour is intriguing and keeps to himself for the most part, but they do begin to speak over the back fence. Zac has a fair bit of baggage of his own, that he’s not ready to share yet.

In a lot of ways April and Zac are polar opposites but as they get to know one another they discover that they have more than a little in common.

Aprils Glow

Madison has drawn two complex and likeable characters, both of whom are fighting demons that most of us couldn’t even imagine facing. She has brought together two characters who simply got one another from the very beginning, they didn’t necessarily get along from the beginning but they certainly connected.

The little backstory we learn of these characters definitely leaves the happy ending ambiguous until the very end.

I found April’s Glow to be a quick and engaging read that kept me turning pages to work out how these characters were going to move past their baggage to begin again. I loved that the first book Zac gives April is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, this is one of my favourite books.

April’s Glow is a book of healing, of new starts and it seems that Zac is unpacking his baggage as he unpacks his house. The two characters are very different but their differences help each other heal through the bond of their similarities.

Definitely a book worth picking up and giving a go, even if you haven’t read any of the Tarrin’s Bay books. It has piqued my interest enough that I will keep the series on my radar.

April’s Glow is available now through Escape Publishing, Booktopia and where all good ebooks are sold.

April’s Glow is book #23 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2016

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