Recipe: Macadamia Banana Smoothie

There is definitely a hint of spring in the air and it’s the beginning of the macadamia growing cycle.

The bees are buzzing for the blooming macadamia trees and will partake of a feasting frenzy to play their crucial role in the development of the coming crop.

The first stage of the growing cycle is the explosion of bees and fragrant pink and white blooms, a natural spectacle that lasts about two weeks. The blossoming starts in Bundaberg at the end of August then drifts south along the eastern seaboard of Queensland and New South Wales to Nambucca, finishing in early October.

The macadamias are blossoming now and the sight is just gorgeous.

Grower Cathy Ferndale said: “The first sign of flowers always brings a lot of anticipation. It’s truly enchanting to watch the trees erupt into new life and the bees do their magic. While there is still a lot of hard work to be done of course between now and harvest, and a good blossoming does not always guarantee a good crop, the season is shaping up quite nicely. Our fingers are crossed the weather keeps working with us over the next six months.”

The first hint of spring is a fabulous time to really get stuck into some delicious fruit smoothies and this Macadamia Banana Smoothie sounds mouthwatering.

Macadamia banana smoothie

Serves 1

Macadamia banana smoothie


1 cup skim milk

1/4 cup macadamia butter*

1 tablespoon oats

1 banana

1 tablespoon honey

1/4 cup plain yoghurt

1/4 cup ice

crushed macadamias for serving


Blend all ingredients except for the crushed macadamias until smooth and pour into a glass to serve top with crushed macadamias.

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