Kiss Me First Trailer

Kiss Me First is a gripping, and creepy, debut novel from Lottie Moggach. I managed to read and review it in time for its July 1st release.

For a very creepy and interactive look at what’s in store for you with this book check out the trailer:

This unique and original trailer will give you a look into the atmosphere of the book and the themes it raises; but even more than all of that is that it plays completely different for every new watcher.

kiss me first

A few things you need to know before you go and check out the trailer. It is an app that uses the Facebook platform to run so you do need to login with Facebook to be able to view the trailer.

The trailer app will NEVER post anything or show up on your Facebook page so please do click ‘ok’ when asked if you’re happy for it to access your details. We promise it’s completely safe. – quote from the publisher

You can also find more information about the book at the Kiss Me First website:

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