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Most of you would have tried using Argan Oil in your hair, but may not be familiar with this wonder ingredient in skincare. Redwin have recently released a body moisturiser called Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil, which is the perfect winter skin companion.

This Body Lotion is designed to work quickly for dry skin to hydrate and improve the appearance, while providing long lasting results. The benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil include the fact that it has anti-ageing properties, is nutrient rich and packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

RED_Moroccan Daily Intensive Nourishment_400mL_LR

Jennifer Hawkins is the face of the brand in Australia and this is what she said about this exciting new product,

I’ve been using Redwin for years, and I am so excited that they have introduced their new Daily Intensive Nourishment lotion with Moroccan Argan Oil. I’ve been using Moroccan Argan Oil on my hair for ages and it is full of rich nutrients and anti oxidants that I know will nourish my skin and help to give me a healthy glow.”

Packaged in an orange container with a convenient pump, this is an affordable body lotion that will help fight dry skin and leave you feeling silky smooth all day long.

80 of our members have been trialling the new Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil, and you can read their feedback below or add your own.

REDWIN Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Oil is available from Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and leading pharmacies RRP $5.99 for 400ml and $3.70 for 75ml.  For customer enquiries please call 02 9997 1466 or visit

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