The Fat Revolution by Christine Cronau

Christine Cronau is your lady for all things fat related. That mightn’t sound very polite, but Christine has dedicated the past 10+ years to researching dietary fat, in particular, saturated fat. Whilst a majority of people scream with absolute horror at the words “saturated fat,” Christine assures the audience there needn’t be any reason to panic.

The Fat Revolution is just as the title states, a revolution. Christine explains in detail about the benefits of eating saturated fats and provides evidence and studies to back up her claims.


What you can expect from the book –

  • – Christine’s personal history of health
  • – General healthy eating advice/tips/guides
  • – Myth exposing
  • – The true causes of heart disease
  • – The truth on sugar and healthy sugar alternatives
  • – The truth on fats
  • – Ageing
  • – Children’s health

The Fat Revolution is recommended for all those interested in learning how eating fats can keep you healthy. Christine has a wonderfully honest and engaging writing style and her obvious passion of living a healthy life is quite infectious.

RRP – The Fat Revolution* retails for $34.95

Stockists – Available at selected Dymocks book stores and online at

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