Recipe: Teisha Lowry’s Raw Coconut Balls

I have a recipe just for you delightful readers today, courtesy of Australian model Teisha Lowry. Teisha is hardly a stranger to the Beauty and Lace pages, having been featured a number of times. Teisha has a passion for living a healthy and clean lifestyle and her recipe for Raw Coconut Balls is an ideal vision of that.

This recipe is ridiculously simple, making it ideal for time-poor people. Did I mention that it tastes divine too?


Raw Coconut Balls –

Ingredients –

– Prep handful of Brazil nuts soaked in water overnight

– 3 cups of raw shredded coconut

– ½ cup of apricots diced

– ¼ cup of INDAH Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

– ¼ cup of raw (unrefined) honey

– ¼ cup of almond meal

– tsp. of vanilla

– Dash of pink Himalayan salt

(All ingredients are raw or organic, and most can be purchased from your organic grocer or health food store)

Method –

Mix it altogether

Form small balls

Put in the fridge to set


Does this sound absolutely scrumptious to you? Give it a go and let us know how you like it.

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