Interview: Thomas Vecera (Broken Splendour)

Broken Splendour are a Melbourne folk outfit getting ready to release their self-titled EP, and to celebrate they are launching the EP with a show at the Grace Darling on November 10.

We were able to question Thomas in this recent interview, so read on to learn more about Thomas and Broken Splendour.

Thomas, can you tell us a bit about what brought you to Australia?

I was living in LA and had the chance to do some shows in Melbourne. I ended up staying a year and enjoyed it so much that I came back, setting up shot and still here.

You were recently on tour in the US Thomas, can you tell us a little about the tour?

Did a couple shows with a local friend Dan Haas. Good to play to people hearing you for the first time. Good guage as to if you’re any where near ok at it.

How did you guys meet and form Broken Splendour?

Well I was looking for new things and Damien (drums) frequented a wine bar I worked in and things went from there. In wanting to keep the upright bass sound I was referred to Adam Speigl who brings a nice jazzy thing to the songs.

broken splendour

How would you describe your sound?

That’s hard but I’m a pretty folky type guy really. Some people say alt/folk, nu folk. I seem to blend the old with the new. My influences are a bit all over the shop.

The self-titled EP releases October 27, what can you tell us about it?

I worked with local producer Tony Salter at his St. Kilda studio (T-Bone Tunes Recording). I presented 10 or so songs to him and we chose 5. We just built them up as we went. At times we got a bit carried away with the array of analog synths on hand. Pretty cool.

Where does the song writing inspiration come from?

I don’t really know. I was in New York the other day and I wrote a song about it. Another one. I have several songs that seem to come from there in some form or another. They just happen and hope they’re not sh*t.

Who creates the concepts for your video clips, can you tell us about the Black Stars video?

I called a friend who I met in Austin years back and she now runs a production house East 20 Productions. She heard the song and gave me thoughts she had about the imagery. I was lucky that they were very similar to the haunting vibe I had. The song is not overly happy and I think the video accurately represents that. I couldn’t be in it due to the fact that there was a distance factor but the actors
she brought in did a fine job.

What can we expect from the EP’s release on November 10 at the Grace Darling?

Big things I hope. Hopefully us playing everything correctly. There will be some really good support from Caroline Kennedy-Mccraken and Bell St Delays.

Are there plans to tour more widely in the near future?

I’m looking to head north and do a launch in Sydney. I prefer them to be called celebrations. I’m also looking to do some more solo shows. I really enjoy stripping things back and trying new things with the songs.

What’s next for Broken Splendour?

For now it’s just getting this EP out there and continue writing/finishing new material. A fair bit going on.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Thomas and good luck for the November 10 celebration at the Grace Darling.

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