Flora Organica and Lulu Organics Hair

Flora Organica is a dreamy place for the lovers of natural/organic skin care products. They don’t just sell any old brand, you have a unique selection of the finest and most boutique brands from around the world, all delivered straight to your door.

One such brand is Lulu Organics. Haven’t heard of Lulu Organics before? Allow me to introduce you to the NYC company who have a small range of products that are quickly gaining popularity.

The Jasmine Organic Hair Powder has been the subject of my testings for a little while now and what a grand product it is. For those of you wondering why on earth you would put powder in your hair, let me explain. This talc-free powder is designed to keep your hair at its freshest and most loveliest without actually needing to wash your hair. It’s perfect for “in-between” days and soaks up any unwanted oil all whilst leaving your hair as you had previously styled it. As someone who experiences severe hair fluffiness after every wash which is somewhat traumatising, it’s nice knowing I can go an extra day without.


You can also expect from this heavenly hair powder –

  • A delicate jasmine scent – not overpowering in the least
  • Organic ingredients are gentle and non-stripping to hair
  • Helps create volume
  • An easy dispenser so nothing is wasted

The lovely Sabrina from Flora Organica suggests that you apply the powder to your hands and rub into hair for best soaking abilities. Any excess powder may be brushed out after a minute or so.

Do you have any experience with hair powders or “dry shampoo” as it’s also known?

RRP – $38 for 115g

Stockists – Flora Organica of course! http://floraorganica.com.au

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