Review: Bellybuds

The latest exciting innovation to land on my desk for review is one that piqued my interest at first glance. I fell in love with the idea and really wish I had one years ago.

Unfortunately I am not in a position to use this product at the moment, I have the belly but mine is decidedly empty of growing baby. I do have some glowing pregnant ladies around me at the moment so I have put this product into use with one of them.


There are claims that playing music to unborn babies can be beneficial, whether these claims have been substantiated or not I couldn’t say, but there are those who recommend it. The challenge for mothers who choose to play music for their children in the womb is how to do so without sacrificing their own comfort. Those days are over because there is a new kid on the block and it is going to make prenatal music simple, practical and versatile.

Bellybuds are a cute set of headphones, compatible with all standard digital media players, that are designed specifically for use on your pregnant belly. As I said earlier, it was love at first sight and I just wish I had a pregnant belly to use them on.

Music for your baby is just the beginning with Bellybuds, they have so many more uses and can be an integral part of the bonding process.

Music is just the beginning, Bellybuds can also be used for babies whose fathers are away a lot. Dad can record messages to be played to bubs through the Bellybuds while he’s away. Parents who are adopting can send recordings to the birth mother to be played to the baby. The same can be said of surrogacy. There are also some more practical uses in that Bellybuds can be used to help make bubs move in an ultrasound, and to help turn a breech baby downwards.

When you buy Bellybuds this is what you get in the box:

  • 1 set of Bellybuds Bellyphones® to share prenatal music and voices with your baby
  • 4  sets of Hydrogel Adhesive Rings to secure the bellybuds to the unique and changing curves of your belly
  • 1 set of Silicon Covers to lower the external sound
  • 1 Storage Pouch
  • 1 Audio Splitter so you can listen along with your baby
  • 4 sets of Replacement Adhesives
  • 1 set of Twist-on rings

That gives you some info about the product, now onto practical experience with it!!

The Bellybuds Bellyphones are comfortable and easy to use but there is a knack to the removal, and they can leave red marks on the belly so it may pay to try different ways of removing them to reduce the strain on the belly.


They are practical and easy to use so if you don’t have a digital music player you can plug straight into a computer but that will limit your freedom of movement. Playing music to the baby definitely inspired a reaction with a marked increase in movement through some songs.

The audio splitter is a great addition because it allowed mum, dad and bubs to spend some time all together listening to music because without the splitter and adult headphones there was no sound leaking out the back of the bellyphones.

The skin safe hydrogel used as an adhesive on the bellyphones allows for ease of  movement, you can wear them out and about and in your normal day to day life but this will be a matter of personal preference as they can be a little bulky.

Overall these are a great idea and they would make a fantastic baby shower gift.

Bubs hearing is fully developed from 20 weeks so anytime after that you can start playing music, audio messages from loved ones, reading stories – the list is endless. Modern mums will love this gift, the few I spoke to were excited by the concept.

For more information and to find a list of stockists near you, head over and see them at:

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