Elize Hattin

Elize Hattin is a life, business and executive coach who wanted to share her experiences and her coaching with a wider audience . Her new book The Naked Truth About You is a manual targeted at all demographics about understanding the mind, it includes the chapters ‘Make the Most of Time’, ‘Engage in Your Life’s Work’ and ‘Face the Big Four: Change, Problems, Goals and Others’ Opinions of You’.

We were able to find out a little more about Elize and her book in this recent interview

What prompted you to write The Naked Truth About You?

This book was born out of my sincere desire to help people. As a life, business and executive coach, it is my privilege and honour to speak with different people daily and assist them in creating their own unique extraordinary life. Every day I meet people who want their lives to matter, who are doing the best they can with what they know and who want the world to be somehow different because they are alive. Every day I speak with people who love their kids and families and who strive to find a work life balance.

Every day I speak with people who are determined to step up and overcome the challenges that come their way. Every day I speak with people who want the rest of their lives to be the best of their lives. Every day I wish that there were more hours in the day to speak with more people, to assist more people on their journey, to help more people live extraordinarily. Writing The Naked Truth About You, made the programs that I use with my clients accessible to anyone to read in the comfort of their own home in their own time.

Can you tell us a little about the book?

By reading The Naked Truth about You, readers will come to believe that living an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE is no harder than living an ordinary life with its lack of achievement and disappointments…

Understanding the HIDDEN POWER of your MIND, the UNCOMPRIMISING DRIVE of your EMOTIONS and the UNRIVALLED ABILITY of your BODY, will reveal the key to your EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

In this “nothing-like-it” book – the BIGGEST GOLD NUGGETS you will take away will be…

Learning to Understand Yourself!


How to draw on your Unique Inner Passions and Soul Purpose to create the Life YOU will LOVE to LIVE.

The Naked Truth About You will also reveal the secret strategies for…

  • Instantly Improving the Quality and Experience of Your Life
  • Embracing Unpleasant Emotions and Turning them into Your Potent Ally of Achievement
  • Harnessing the Power of your Most Valuable Resources
  • REAPING REWARDS from your Differentiating POTENT UNIQUENESS, and
  • Making the REST of your LIFE the BEST of your LIFE

PLUS you will learn the keys to…

– Drive and Motivation Producing Clarity in Your Life and Your Purpose
– Overcoming the Disappointments of Your Current Life
– The Three Time Truths and leveraging the BEST use of your TIME
– Predicting Your OWN and OTHER PEOPLE’s behaviour
– Creating GREAT RELATIONSHIPS with those around you, and
– The 24 Practical strategies for feeling GOOD!!

The Naked Truth About You is your guide to life.

Who do you think will benefit the most from reading this book?

The people who will benefit the most are people who are looking to improve their lives in any way. This could be people who are looking to find a work life balance, create and maintain great relationships, take control of their body, improve their mind, deal with their emotions better, improve their time management skills and those who want to live with purpose and passion. All these topics are addressed in The Naked Truth About You and these are the people who will benefit most.


Is there one imperative you can give us that will benefit EVERYONE?

The life you are living today is the summation of all the actions you have or haven’t taken over time. Many experts are now saying the results you achieve in your life are the direct result of the total sum of all the thinking you have done; where everything you have ever thought has guided you to where you are today. In a way this is true, but what is more true is the fact that those thoughts evoked feelings or emotions. These emotions were the drivers of your actions and your actions produced your current results.

For example, if you had acted on any number of the good ideas you had conjured up in the past, your life would be significantly different today. Some of those good ideas were probably accompanied by thoughts of doubt that caused you to feel fearful and insecure and it was these emotions that prevented you from acting on your thoughts. Therefore, if action produces results, and your action is fuelled by your emotions, it is crucial to ensure you have control over your emotions.

When you feel good, you are ultimately better at everything you do. Good feelings drive good actions. You become a better person, husband, wife, friend, family member, colleague, citizen etc. As a result of feeling good, your relationships improve, you are better at your job and you are more willing and able to contribute to the world. When your emotions are scattered everywhere and you feel overwhelmed and stressed, it prevents you from being and doing your best. The best YOU is not the stressed you.

The world is crying out for more joyful, positive people who are doing good things with their lives. It is your responsibility to ensure you are living your life to the fullest by making sure the prevailing emotions you are feeling are positive and productive ones. Without feeling good most of the time, you are not able to make your unique and best contribution to the world and its people.

Lasting or prevailing unpleasant emotions drain you of your most valuable resources – your energy, attention, power, strength and focus. Let’s face it, the world doesn’t need another negative, pessimistic, unhappy or overwhelmed person; there are too many like that in the world as it is. Your life, family, colleagues, friends and your world all need you to feel good!

Can you tell us a little about your road to publication?

It took two years to get The Naked Truth About You published and it was an incredibly challenging yet rewarding journey. I was supported by an amazing team of people including editors, my assistant, my book designer and my family. The most exciting part of my publication journey has now arrived – it is now when I get to share my work with the world and receive such valuable and supportive feedback from my wonderful readers.

Where did you draw the information in the book from?

The information contained in the book was born out of my own desire to understand what life is about. I am driven to know and understand in a logical and systematic manner. The Naked Truth About You is a guide to life that is explained in a practical, easy to understand way. Ever since I can remember I have had a deep desire for wisdom and understanding. I enjoy working things out, piecing different bits of information together to form a coherent whole. The information in this book was drawn from my training in psychology (I hold an honours degree in psychology), my experiences in working as a Life, Business & Executive Coach and many hours of my own research.

How did you manage to ensure the book is geared to all demographics?

As human beings, we share many similarities! In fact, as a human race, we share more commonalities than differences. We all share the need for health, food and clean air to breathe; we all desire safety for our families and opportunities for our kids. We share a deep desire to love and be loved; we want our lives to be significant. We all want to work to our strengths and do what we love; we all have an innate desire to contribute, to know God and to live extraordinarily.

The Naked Truth About You is geared to all these things that we share including that we all have our minds, bodies and emotions. It is because of that, that it is suited to all demographics. It is also the reason that anyone will be able to understand and relate to the various examples and stories in The Naked Truth About You.

Is there anything new you are working on that you can share with us?

I have been working really hard over the last year to be able to make my work benefit more people in a significant way. Because of this I will be publishing two more books before the end of the year. The first book that my wonderful readers can look forward to is about becoming a problem-solving genius. The second is about how to draw on your potent uniqueness to discover your purpose and life’s work.

What does being a woman mean to you?

I think that it is a real privilege and honour to be a woman. Being a woman offers the opportunity to experience more of life, more of the time. I can be a mum, I can be a businesswoman, I can be a daughter and a friend, I can be a sister and aunt, I can be a coach and a human being all at the same time. What an exciting life I have!

Thank you so much for your time Elize and good luck with all your upcoming books.

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