Big Sky Mountain

Author: Linda Lael Miller
ISBN: 9781921795596
RRP: $29.99

In Big Sky Mountain Linda Lael Miller takes us back to Parable to catch up with old friends, and to make some new ones.

This is the second story set in Parable, following on from Big Sky Country which I read earlier this year and left me eagerly anticipating this volume.

Big Sky Mountain isn’t one that picks up right where Big Sky Country leaves off, it’s been about a year and quite a lot has changed in that time.

Big Sky Country focused on Slade and Joslyn while also letting us get to know many more of the colourful Parable characters. Big Sky Mountain belongs to Hutch and Kendra, Slade’s little brother and Joslyn’s best friend; with some possible developing storylines for future volumes.

This was a light and easy read filled with lovable characters, sexy cowboys and lots of small town life. Millers personification of animals continues to be a standout highlight, especially with the dogs of Parable. I am already a dog lover and my dog is definitely a member of my family so I appreciate the characterisation that went into making Daisy and Leviticus such vivid characters in the book.

A year, or thereabouts, has passed between visits to Parable and in that time Kendra has acquired a four year old daughter, enter the first of our new friends, Madison. Big Sky Mountain begins the day after Kendra returns to Parable with Madison, ready to embark on a brand new life with this little love of her life.

big sky mountain

It isn’t only Kendra who has had a big year, the opening scene of Big Sky Mountain is an ill-fated wedding for Hutch. A wedding which many agree should not have gone ahead but calling it off as the bride walks up the aisle is probably not the most gracious timing.

Big Sky Mountain is part sexual tension of the sparks are flying, barely bridled hot passionate kind and part the writing’s on the wall just get it over with. I wanted to say that you could see what was coming from the very first pages but that’s not true, the stage was set for this story in Big Sky Country.

Hutch and Kendra have a long history together, and that is the largest hurdle standing between them and the future. The passion is there and only thinly veiled but is the pain of the past too deep to risk again?

Immerse yourself in the small town life of Parable, where the sense of community is palpable. A safe town where most everyone will look out for you, somewhere you want to raise your children knowing they will go to the same school their entire educational lives, with the same kids.

Miller paints life in this small town beautifully, the town is vibrant and the characters are colourful. The storyline is engaging, if a little predictable, and the sense of community is one to be envied.

I really enjoyed this light easy read and the multiple laugh out loud moments it provided and I can’t wait to see what Miller brings us from Parable next, I have a couple of theories about where we may go from here.


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