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I am currently working my butt off trying to …. work my butt off – and my belly. I am exercising, making very different food and drink choices, and trying to retain a positive approach. It’s a hard slog and there are times that I wonder why I bother, but don’t we all?

I see all the programs coming up on my social media pages and think about how brave the girls are posting before and after photos and opening themselves to the inevitable negativity. That is definitely not for me, I am not that brave! But I am also much happier playing it my way and finding what works for me. Sure, I’ll keep an eye out for tips and healthy tasty treats but for the most part I’m happy doing it my way.

Part of my program from the beginning has been a meal replacement/weightloss shake for lunch. A lot of the reason I do this is convenience because I do like to eat but I drive at lunchtime so this way I’m getting a nutritious lunch instead of risking no lunch at all – not good for anyone to skip meals. I have tried quite a few different shakes with varying degrees of success.

Recently I received some Body For Women products to review from Body Science, imagine my excitement at such perfect timing and the opportunity to try something new. This week I have been having Body Shaping Protein for Women shakes for lunch and snacking on Body for Women Bites.

body chocolate

The Body for Women Protein Powder comes in 5 flavours – Banana Smoothie, Cafe Latte, Summer Berries, Vanilla Creme and Swisse Chocolate, I have been drinking the Swisse Chocolate.

These shakes are high in protein and low on carbs, high fibre, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The protein helps us feel fuller for longer to minimise naughty snacking. Designed specifically for women this protein powder is chock full of all the important vitamins and minerals to help keep us healthy and give easy options that we can slip into our busy schedules.

Body For Women Protein Powders are ‘just add water’ easy. It’s a super easy lunch to throw together as I race out the door from work. The flavour of the chocolate one is delicious and that is its redeeming quality because unfortunately I’m not a fan of the texture.

I have tried it a couple of different ways because I wasn’t sure of the texture. I found it to be quite thin and gritty with water, though it was filling and satisfied my hunger. I have also tried it with milk and I found that much more suited to my taste though still a little gritty, and satisfying.

Personal taste is a big part of anything you put in your mouth really so though I found the texture a little different for my liking that’s not to say that millions of others won’t love it, so please don’t let me put you off because the flavour is delicious.

The website gives a smoothie recipe for use with the berry flavour so perhaps that would work with the chocolate one also, I could add a banana and blend it for different texture.

low carb bites

Body For Women Bites are a single serve pack of 6 snack option to satisfy your hunger, boost your vitamin and mineral intake and are suitable for any diet. They come in Strawberry and Cream or Swisse Chocolate. After the delicious flavour of the Swisse Chocolate protein powder I am definitely interested in trying the bites but I received Strawberry and Cream. I am not a huge fan of strawberry flavoured anything, unless it is a fresh strawberry so I was a little hesitant but these are surprisingly good.

Body Bites were developed by leading Australian nutritionists whose major aim was to offer healthy eating options to health conscious females. They are a high protein, low calorie snack options to get you over that between meal slump that is often the bane of the health conscious because it’s when the naughty snacks are the most tempting. Body Bites contain 10% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of essential vitamins and minerals and BSc’s Fat Burning Blend.

The packets do state that only one serve of Body Bites is recommended per day and considering I couldn’t eat a whole pack in a sitting that wouldn’t become an issue for me.

I will be keeping an eye out for Swisse Chocolate Body Bites and trying a Swisse Chocolate Banana smoothie for lunch. If you are looking for some different snack options be sure to look out for Body For Women from Body Science, they are designed just for us.

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