Beauty Chat: Lindy Klim

A former model and mother to three, Lindy Klim is the founder of Milk Baby, a natural and organic skincare range for babies and toddlers. Married to Olympic swimming legend Michael Klim, Lindy is also a celebrated fashionista.

Lindy Klim recently got together with Beauty and Lace to talk all things beauty.

lindy klim

Tell us about your current skincare routine

I cleanse every morning with Nude face wash and then use Rosehip oil afterwards.  Rosehip oil is great to prevent premature aging.

Do you have any skin concerns?

One of the major things that concern me about my skin is my poor pigmentation. Again, I use rosehip oil to help with this.

Do you regularly see any skin specialists or beauty therapists?

I don’t currently, but I know I should. Something I will definitely do in the near future if my problem spots start to get worse.

What do you currently have on your nails?

OPI, Cha-Ching Cherry.


What is your favourite foundation?

Chantecaille Sand makeup is amazing.

What beauty product would we always find in your handbag?

My eyeliner – I never leave home without it.

What is your signature scent?

Jean-Claude Ellena – Portrait of a Lady.  It’s feminine, sophisticated and a little bit sexy.

Are there any beauty products that you use which your husband Michael likes to borrow?

Well actually, it works the other way around. Michael uses amazing products from his own Milk & Co Skincare range that I use myself on a daily basis. The Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen SPF 15 + is one of my favourites.

What’s your number one beauty secret?

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day – I always try to have at least 2 litres.

When it comes to hair and beauty, do you prefer to stick to what you know – or try new things?

When it comes to beauty, I am always willing to try a new product that comes highly recommended.

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