A Clever and Nutritious Snack Option

It was quite some time ago – I’ll say approximately 56 weeks – when I first set eyes upon Artisse Organics Wholebars. I was in the mood for a healthy snack bar so I trotted off to my local health food shop to suss out possible options. Naturally there were many to choose from and it was ever so slightly overwhelming, but in the end it was the bright colouring of Artisse’s Wholebars that caught my attention.

There are three certified organic bars to choose from and each filled with inner goodness. You’ll find each bar to be gluten and dairy free, high in fibre and containing no added sugars. What’s more – the nuts and fruit are real, no cheeky fake flavourings found! Nutrition-loving people will be leaping with joy.

Berry, Cherry & Almonds

A promising bar for the lovers of berries. A mixture of dried figs, almonds, cherries, blueberries, flaxseeds and organic flavours. Berries are natural sources of antioxidants and have many health benefits.

Coconut and Almond

Coconut being in the brightly shining limelight at the moment, I can see this being a popular choice. What we have here are similar ingredients to the previous bar with figs and almonds, we also have coconut, cherries, dried apples and rosemary extract. Coconut has a delightful tropical flavour but without being overpowering.

Walnut and Acai

This decadent tasting bar has the honour of being my personal favourite. The combination of dates, acai and cherries give the bar a tastefully soft texture with the walnuts adding a little crunch. The flavour is quite similar to that of date loaf, but without the addition of processed sugars.

Artisse Organics pride themselves on having a range of wholesome and organic foods, free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and additives that are unfortunately a common ingredient in many brands. To me, this information stands out and shows the real enthusiasm that Artisse passionately bring to their products.

How do you think these bars sound? What are your favourite healthy snack options?

RRP – Each bar retails for $2.49

Stockists – Artisse Wholebars are available from Coles, IGA and Health Food Shops. Also visit http://www.artisse.com.au for more information and online stockists

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