Fresca Natural Valley Rose Deodorant

Are you having a spot of bother trying to find the perfect natural deodorant? My previous experiences with using natural deodorants haven’t always been so pleasant. I had tried many brands from my local health food shop and wasn’t impressed with the staying power they offered. Not wanting to go back to conventional deodorants, I vigorously applied and dearly hoped it would do the job.

However, this little bottle of rose-scented pinkness has changed the way I think about all-natural deodorants and is something to get excited over. What we have here is a roll-on variety which has effective staying power. (And I can attest and say it truly lasts all day, no matter what sweat-inducing activities you may be up to)  It is quick to dry and has the loveliest of lovely fragrances. I adore anything rose scented and this is magnificently soft and sensual all in one.

Valley Rose

Fresca Natural deodorants are all of the same formula and all wonderfully harm-free. The only differences in each deodorant being the essential oil blends used to delicately scent the products. Or, if you prefer, there is also an unscented option to choose from. Each deodorant comes with a promise of being completely natural; no drying alcohol, harmful aluminium and no parabens. Fresca also won this years Nature and Health Magazine Natural Beauty Award for the best Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant – it seems many others are just as taken by this as I am!

I will coyly admit that I did reapply this several times when I was first testing, not due to inadequacy of the product, purely so I could have an extra boost of the divine rosiness.

RRP – $18 for 50ml

Stockists – Visit for your stockist needs.

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