Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes

As much as I love having a clean house, I don’t love the actual cleaning. Anything that makes this task easier gets a yes from me. Ajax Spray ‘N Wipe can be found in most households and now they have a range of muti-purpose wipes for instant spill removal.

I like that these work similarly to a paper towel, but they are thicker and “wet” which makes it easier to clean. The idea is that you can be in the middle of cooking, you make a mess and you can instantly clean it. No using the dishcloth and no letting your mess dry making it harder to remove.

The uses aren’t just limited to the kitchen, you can put them in any room of the house – even the car. I have two young children and bring out these wipes all the time now, they are especially useful for cleaning their highchairs.

Ajax SnW Wipes

The Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes come in a handy 40 pack tub which is a good first purchase – once you run out you can purchase their 36 pack refills and reuse the tub.

Due to their convenience, affordability and ease of use I would repurchase these wipes, if you are time poor or just dislike cleaning you can find them in your local supermarket.

Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes are available in a 40-pack tub priced at $4.99 (RRP*) and refill with your choice of Antibacterial or Long Lasting Fragrance – 36-pack priced at $3.99 (RRP*).

Can’t find them or need more information? Call: 1800 802 307

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