Hurraw! Balm

Recently I was sent some Hurraw! lip balms to review from health, lifestyle and beauty online store, The Relauncher. This was my first experience with the Hurraw! brand and I’m really excited to feature it on Beauty and Lace.

These are lip balms everyone can use, even the most naturally minded girls will want to smooth these across their kissers. Yes, this means they are natural, vegan and made from raw premium fair trade ingredients.

Made in the USA, the Hurraw! lip balms don’t just tick all the natural boxes, but all the happy lip boxes too. They feel really smooth and hydrating and you get a bit of gloss factor too.

hurraw lip balms

The tube design makes them easy to apply and I have been constantly re-topping my lips (even though you don’t need to reapply regularly you will want to).

Although I must say, my favourite feature is the flavours! In my hands I have Coconut which has a yummy-ness associated with the scent and Tinted Cinnamon which has a slight tang and a dash of subtle colouring.

All that with a friendly pricetag of $6.95 and 12 flavours to choose from.

Get yours at The Relauncher

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