Far East Movement

Far East Movement are the first Asian-American group to have a top ten hit on the mainstream charts in America which I think is quite noteworthy, hence why I opened with it.

They formed in 2003 and their music has undergone quite marked evolution in those years. The new album is overflowing with big name artists known the world over and lending their voices to make these songs extremely recognisable.

Far East Movement are a hip hop group and there is a definite hip hop flavour to the sound but the pop feel is almost overwhelming. Dirty Bass is hip hop that is upbeat and positive, there is a distinct lack of bad language and wildly inappropriate subject matter which I was quite happy about knowing how much the kids get into these beats. The Warning label on the cover states MODERATE impact coarse language and/or themes, so still something to be aware of but nothing of real great concern.

far east movement

Featuring artists like Justin Bieber, PitBull, Natalia Kills, Cassie and Ryan Tedder of One Republic the sounds and the vocals do vary quite widely from one end of the album to the other.

I would have said that I had no idea who these guys are, until you realise this album is home to Like a G6 and Live My Life with Justin Bieber.

Then there are the producers who have come in to work on this album and that is another veritable who’s who of the hip hop scene with the likes of RedOne, De Paris, Redfoo of LMFAO, Sidney Samson and Stereotypes.

Track Listing

01. Dirty Bass Ft. Tyga

02. Live My Life Ft. Justin Bieber

03. Where The Wild Things Are Ft. Crystal Kay

04. Turn Up The Love Ft. Cover Drive

05. Flossy Ft. My Name Is Kay

06. If I Die Tomorrow Ft. Bill Kaulitz

07. Ain’t Coming Down Ft. Sidney Samson & Matthew Koma

08. Candy Ft. Pitbull

09. Fly With U Ft. Cassie

10. Show Me Love Ft. Alvaro

11. Live My Life (Party Rock Remix) Ft. Justin Bieber & Redfoo

12. Little Bird

13. Basshead Ft. YG

14. Lights Out (Go Crazy) Junior Caldera Ft. Natalia Kills & Far East Movement

15. Like A G6 Ft. The Cataracs & Dev

16. Rocketeer Ft. Ryan Tedder of One Republic

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