Regurgitator are back with their 7th album titled SuperHappyFuntimesFriends and it is a total melting pot of genres, as is usually the case with Regurgitator.

This is an Australian band who have been around a lot longer than I would have thought. They formed in 1994 as a side project to other bands.

The title suggests an upbeat collection of songs that will brighten your mood and be a fabulous accompaniment to all situations. There are moments on this album that pull me up and make me stop and think about what I have just heard. There is swearing which isn’t really a big thing in modern music, you hear it in quite a lot of music and often it just slides past and I don’t even notice but there is at least one instance on this one that it really does seem unusual so it jumps out of the track and slaps you in the face.

The lead single from the album ‘One Day’ was released in July 2011 and it’s quite an electronic track, upbeat and boppy. A track that reminds us we need to make the most of every moment and live for the day because life is short. Some of the lyrics are quite morbid but they don’t seem quite so bad because of the way they are packaged.

‘All Fake Everything’ is the track that really grabs my attention. It begins very melodic, very much a soft ballad talking about being yourself and then they throw a pretty big profanity in without changing tone, seems very out of place. Soon after, at the 1:10s mark there is a split second switch to hip hop and then the swearing really kicks up a gear but you hardly notice because I don’t remember any rap song I’ve heard without swearing. The style of music has done a complete 180 and so has the subject, we aren’t talking about the importance of being yourself anymore – now we hear about ‘the grand facade’ and projecting an image even if it’s nothing like the real person below.

‘Super Happy Funtime’ is exactly what I would expect. Light and vibrant musically with fabulous flow, like drifting on the waves, and lyrically imaginative. All about a journey through the imagination with rainbows, flying saucers, aliens, dragons. A truly beautiful listen.

Leading straight into ‘Punk Mum’ which is foot tapping, head swinging fun. Great drums, great beat. Not heavy but full on fun.

‘Born Dumb’ is a new version of Nrob Bmud that was originally released on the Nrob Bmud EP in December 2010.

The tracks all show this degree of diversity which makes it a really enjoyable listening experience because you can never be sure what you are going to be served up next.

Consisting of 14 tracks I would have expected the album to run a lot longer but the tracks are short, sharp and shiny. Track 2 is Game Over Dude and weighs in at a total of 21sec, that is by far the briefest track and the longest is still a little less that 4.5 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised by this album, I haven’t followed Regurgitator’s career and I am not that familiar with their music. The only song I can definitely say I recognise as theirs is Polyester Girl so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I will definitely be listening again.

Track Listing

  1. One Day
  2. Game Over Dude
  3. All Fake Everything
  4. Super Happy Funtime
  5. Punk Mum
  6. Be Still My Noisy Mind
  7. D.M.T 4 2
  8. No Show
  9. Uncontactable
  10. Into the Night
  11. Devil Spell
  12. Born Dumb
  13. Outer Space
  14. 8pm


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