One Skin System

One Skin System Trial and Travel pack is a nifty little way of trying the brands four most popular products, all in miniature size.  The beginning of One Skin System was forged when three Australia women combined their passions of health and consciousness of the planet to create a very successful, highly popular organic skincare system with real science and ethical formulations.

The team at One Skin System make a point of saying that the products are safely tested on willing humans, not animals. No animal products are included in the formulations and all packaging is certified recycled and with sustainable materials.


The trial pack includes four 10ml products –

  • Renewal Cleanse
  • Active C Scrub
  • Daily Hydrate Moisturiser
  • Vital Night Enfleurage
  • Custom compact mirror

All four products are packaged in a style of a syringe, dispensing just the right amount of product for limited wastage. They work in synergy together; there is also a fifth product, Ultimate Vitamin Treatment, not included in the pack.

The Renewal Cleanse – a concentrated cleanser using exotic fruit and flowers – is a cream cleanser that cleanses intensely to remove make-up, dirt, impurities, dead skin cells, excess oils and pollutants. With a light floral-like scent, it’s quick, easy and efficient to use.

Next follows the Active C Scrub, a fine powder that you can mix with water, your cleanser or facial oil. If having squeaky clean skin is your thing, than this is the scrub for you. With pure vitamin c, macrobiotic sea salt and micro grains, it exfoliates deep down, resulting in healthy, smooth invigorated skin. I recommend using this once or twice a week. Effective for all skin types, but if you’re rather sensitive, go easy and be gentle.


Daily Hydrate Moisturiser is wonderful for dehydrated skin that requires a little extra care. A mixture of Australian Desert Orchids, Wild Hibiscus extract and essential fatty acids create a lusciously rich, yet light facial cream. Non-greasy and non-irritating are two of the many benefits of this cream, along with a promise of soft, supple, well-hydrated skin which won’t clog your pores.

And lastly comes the Vital Night Enfleurage (Enfleurage being a French ingredient, described as being an “ageless precious oil”, it’s also quite fun to pronounce) which just so happens to have won an award in Nature and Health’s Natural Beauty Awards 2012. Please note that this is called “Night Enfleurage” for a reason, it contains potent Retinol A, which stimulates collagen productions and cellular rejuvenation but can cause sun sensitivity when applied during the day. So night time only! Yes, at $95 for the full size it is rather expensive, but with Macadamia, Kakadu Plum and Australian Baobab oils, to nourish, protect and rehabilitate the skin, you know your skin is receiving the best.

RRP – $59 for the trial pack

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