Weather Lord

Alawar is at it again, the newly released time management game Weather Lord is a great way to fill a couple of hours and it does suck you in rather easily.

Have you ever wanted to control the weather? Wanted to make Mother Nature do things you way? Weather Lord lets you do just that because you need to control the weather to ensure your crops grow as required.

There is a step by step tutorial and a little guy that pops up at the beginning of every level to give you a bit of direction as to how you should tackle the level. Each level presents you with options but not all of them are required to fulfill your tasks so be careful and keep an eye on what you’re doing. You may control the weather but if you’re not watching what you’re doing it won’t make a difference.

weather lord

Grow, harvest and process crops to ensure your financial stability and allow you to fix the roads and dry up the swamps but always keep an eye on your bank balance so that you can buy any necessary upgrades to build for your future.

Rain, wind and sun are just the beginning, as you traverse further into the game you will learn how to combine weather systems for optimal growing conditions. Do you think you can handle the pressure of the weather of the world on your shoulders?

Come on over and check it out if you think quick enough. The weather can be make or break on the farm and Weather Lord gives you the chance to return the favour coz in this game you get to break the weather.

Consisting of 40 weather lashed levels across two different settings and eight different farms this is a game to let you be in control of the monsoonal downpours and gale force winds but always be sure to appreciate the rainbows peeking out from behind the clouds.

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