Campgrounds is a time management game from Big Fish Games that just proved to me that mine is not exactly up to scratch. All my plans just flew out the window in the background of this full screen game – yup I’m blaming it on the fact that this is a full screen game because it means I can’t see the clock on my desktop so I don’t realise how much time is passing.

I have just been in and checked and you can reduce the window so that it is not full screen and it won’t cut the edges off but it does shrink everything so in this case I think it was better in full screen, and I usually don’t play full screen if I can help it.

The graphics were quite clear, if a little dark but that’s because a lot of the colours are shades of brown and green because these are campgrounds.

You play as a company vying for Campground Developer of the Year, with your trusty partner Addie.  Over 60 levels you build campgrounds in different locations and complete set tasks.

The first 6 levels were relatively simple to meet the tasks and walk away with a gold star, after that things get a little more involved.

Time is measured in days and you have a certain number to complete your set tasks – the good thing about Campgrounds is that if you don’t manage to complete your goals within the allocated time you don’t lose the game you just lose the bonus. You get to continue playing until you finish your tasks and walk away with no bonus and no gold star but you still complete the level.

At some points during the game you are offered a choice about how you want your career to proceed, do you want the eco friendly title or the money? For those who like to explore everything or who finish the game quickly this will give you another option, once you finish you can start again and choose a different path.

I am not quite 1/3 of the way through but I am having a great time balancing income and expenses, clean ups and roaming wildlife. Yes, this game is similar to a lot of the other building time management games I have played but the scenery is new, the tasks are new it’s just the formula that is the same and that could be said about a lot of things really.

Campgrounds consists of 60 levels and 5 hidden bonus levels for hours of building and demolition fun.

Download the FREE trial: Campgrounds

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