VIDEO: Who is Jason Segel?

Jason Segel is not your average Hollywood hottie with his boy next door looks and 6 foot 4 frame.

He has had quite a long career in the industry which began after he spent high school interested in sports and music, and he does still use his musical gifts and interests in his acting roles.

Jason’s debut movie role was in Can’t Hardly Wait, but his funniest scene never made the big screen. It was the beginning of a string of small roles in teen movies which lead to his first important role on the small screen in 1999 on the short-lived comedy Freaks and Geeks. The shows 18 episodes were enough to form friendships that would outlive the show in the long term.

There have been many roles and many characters that Jason has played over the years that I was never aware of, and one interesting talent if that was really him in Slackers.

In the last few years Jason has been involved in some very big projects, from both sides of the camera. His big break, actually that may not be technically correct… but it sounded better than if I had said he came to my notice, is his role as Marshall Erikson on How I Met Your Mother!

Jason Segel is one seriously funny man who has done some interesting things. Including quite a bit more involvement in The Muppets than I was aware of.

For all the info, watch this video and check out the clips of his roles throughout the years. I’m glad I did.

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