Home Inspiration: Tessa (Down that Little Lane)

Down that Little Lane is an online store packed with beautiful and unusual home decor and gifts. Tessa runs the store, and was kind enough to open up her family home to us. Take a peak inside and be inspired by her design choices.

Read on as Tessa describes her favourite features in her own words…

My house is a weatherboard and it just shouts Australia to me which being a British Born girlie is just what I wanted. We can’t escape our heritage (hubby is a North England Boy) so we have quite an English garden with lavender and veggies patches along with citrus trees and jasmine in as many places as I can get it to grow!


I did the 4th bedroom in grey just because I wanted it to be a bit more hotel suite like (and oh my is there a funny story to go with that one, it involves a full pot of paint, a high ladder and a rapid drop over a fully clothed me JUST as both my kids woke from a lunch sleep, cue call to bestie and rapid drive by to help out). We have lots of UK touches in there as the inhabitants are usually our family!

The Fourth Bedroom is all dark grey and I often just go and lie in there for phone calls as it is so cooling and the bedspread is soft satin which always feels really opulent.
Our main is light and airy with just our sexy geisha taking pride of place and  a little bit of home with Union Jack pillows from my mum.


My kids bedrooms are my favourite place of all, probably as they were created with the most love. They are a mixture of young and old, modern and vintage and most of all they are how I started on my journey with Down that Little Lane. It was searching for the unique for my little babies that had me bookmarking all these amazing people I came across.

My be all and end all favourite place is my kids room with a comfy vintage wingback to read our books in..

In the kids room I have done  a picture wall to celebrate the two of them which of course has a few of my Down that Little Lane Favourite sellers in Sweet William, Birdynumnum, Lorenzo’s Playground and Belle & Boo.

I love all their nooks..

The kitchen is open and flooded with light from a skylight.. I am an OCD neat freak so my walk in pantry is a dream come true and I love buying vintage containers to re package my boring arrowroots and sugar and make them look pretty..

 Our kitchen is raised and has a walk in pantry.. I love it as it fits so much!!

The main living area opens to the massive table on the deck and makes the house feel twice the size, the table was handmade and how I found one of our Down Little Lane sellers Rabbit Trap Timber of Bowral. I love the mix of chairs we have that I purchase from various places and then just spray painted all the not so loved ones ruby red!!

My favourite spot is the massive table on the deck.

The garden is my favourite and why we moved, the veggie patch is something my boy has always wanted and the cubby is perfect for the kids, Kitty and I whitewashed it and did a sort of distressed look a year ago with some left over house paint so it now matches the house better.

And I do love my hubbys veggie patches!!

This cubby is a favourite for the kids so a favourite of mine too!!

The trampoline is in a dig out area that once hosted a spa.. I look forward to the day I can have that back (smiles)!

You can visit Down that Little Lane at: www.downthatlittlelane.com.au


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