Indola Innova Glamour Hair

Indola’s Innova Glamour hair range has had a revamp with four reformulated products which will leave you with celebrity grade hair in no time. You may not remember the old products but they were quite nice and added extra sparkle and shine – but as good as they were, the relaunched versions are superior and really stand out in the crowded hair marketplace.

The Shampoo, Hairmask, Sparkling Ends and Precious Oil all have Argan Oil in their ingredient list. That might sounds like a bit of a buzz word these days, but it really works wonders on dry or frizzy hair and helps to strengthen while repairing damage. Not only that, but the Glamour range also contains the antioxidant packed Marula Oil and Olive Oil for shiny locks.


Hair will feel the 3 S’s…Softer, Shinier and, Silkier! The Hairmask is especially divine, but I would recommend only using it once a week on dry hair as it is quite intensive. Your hair won’t be disappointed if you decide to stock up on the whole range, but if you just want to dip your toe in the water definitely go for the Hairmask for nourishment and repair or the Glamour Precious Oil for reducing the appearance of split ends and a shiny finish.

Innova Glamour Shampoo 300mL RPP $17.95
Innova Glamour Hairmask 200mL RPP $17.95
Innova Glamour Sparkling Ends 50mL RPP $17.95
Innova Glamour Precious Oil 75mL RPP $17.95

For stockists please call 1800 251 887

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