Just Kittyng – Personal Grooming

Just Kittyng is a sexy and fun way to groom your pubic area. Say goodbye to the boring bikini line or landing strip. This is so much more fun and original.

The first symbol I used was the heart shape, which really styled my area into a cute little heart design. Just Kittyng products are so easy to use, first clean the area with a damp sanitary cloth and pat dry. Apply the symbol (which comes in sticker form) then using the Just Kittyng “Shave Me” coochy cream, apply and shave area around symbol.

If you prefer not to shave, Just Kittyng also supply wax strips. Once hair is removed use the Just Kittyng Comb and scissors provided to do any touch ups needed.

just kittyng

The products I am using are Just Kittyng bikini art kit, which contains 4 Sex Symbols, Just kittyng scissors, and just kittyng comb, which is just what any girl needs to stay beautifully maintained.

I also have Just Kittyng extra Sex Symbols, which I have in the Bow, shape; I can’t wait to use these new symbols.

I’m using Just Kittyng “Shave Me” coochy all over shave cream, which I find very easy to apply, and feels silky. After using this shaving cream my skin feels very soft and moisturized.

I will continue using Just Kittyng products not just for myself but for the reaction I get from my partner, which I may say is very positive indeed!
Thank you Just Kittyng for designing such a brilliant and original product.


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