7 Ways to Renovate Your Home and Actually Increase Value

It doesn’t hurt to learn some tips on how to increase your home’s worth. Renovating does not always mean selling the house; it also means enhancing your home’s beauty giving it more value.

However, knowing how to increase your property’s value to guarantee a good profit when moving and selling is very important. Some helpful tips are discussed below to help you give your home valuable renovations;

Renovation tips to consider when adding value to your home.

1. Solving structural problems

You want to make those structural issues a priority if you are looking to add value to your home. Issues like subsidence are a huge impact on your home’s value.

It may be expensive to renovate insect infestation, a collapsed floor, a leaking roof, or a broken roofing tile, but very important. In such cases, make a smart move and call a structural engineer.

2. Rewiring old houses

Consider replacing those old fuses with modern consumer units. Add some more sockets and if possible, pick eye-catching face plates for the switches and sockets. You can also add some exhaust fans in the bathrooms and update the lighting in the house.

While at it, install a new plumbing system. You all have an idea what a burst pipe and a blocked toilet can do to your environment.

3. New heating system

A new heating system’s value to your house is definitely high than its cost. Some of the old houses have faulty heating systems that need an update or have none at all.

To mention a few, ensure your boiler is in good working condition and has enough output for the building’s heat requirement. Replace the old windows with double glazing.

4. Decorating

This is possibly what comes to your mind when thinking about adding value to your home. Small imperfections might not directly affect your home’s value, but they sure will be a put off to prospective buyers and hinder it from selling at the best cost.

These defects will cost you almost nothing to fix; examples are peeling paint, moldy sealants in bathrooms and kitchen, and loose tiles.

5. Remodeling jobs

Before you think of an extension, consider giving your available layout an improvement. Utmost value increase is guaranteed when you advance your main rooms like the kitchen, living, and dining areas.

While at it, you can maybe combine the kitchen and, dining leaving more space for the living area. You might have a few rooms, but the clear sight lines will make a house larger, which is obvious.

6. Exterior home makeovers

The first impression is very crucial, especially if you aim to make a sale. The majority of buyers will like or dislike your home before stepping out of the car. You all know it’s tough to shake off bad first impressions.

A great exterior may be expensive since, in some cases, it may require a full makeover to make a home’s appearance attractive; however, this should not worry you because it means a great price for your home.

7. Create a driveway

Most buyers prefer a well-planned driveway to an appealing garden that they never use. Consider constructing a parking area alongside or in front of your home to give it a momentous value. 

Online house valuation

The best way to evaluate a home is one on one or via phone. This helps a valuator get a picture of the property clearly. However, online house valuation exists to help those who don’t have the desire or the time to do in person or by phone.

Different online valuation websites have different sources and formulas, which means to some, it may not be as dependable as valuators in person with much experience in house valuation.

There are many variables to consider when conducting a house valuation, that’s why it is always best to contact a trusted home buying service like We Buy Any Home. They are an expert in giving the best valuation of your house if you’re looking to put it on the market.

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