Chakra Bracelets Explained

Have you ever heard of a notion called a chakra bracelet? And what about mala bracelet? If you’re not a yogi, you probably know nothing about bracelets for healing and meditation. But in yoga, it is a common thing to use bracelets as meditation tools.

There are all of the different kinds of bracelets and beads, but generally, most of them are made of semi-precious stones, and have a hundred and eight beads on them because of the hundred and eight energy lines that come into the heart centre. If you’re interested, you can find a full mala bracelets meaning on numerous yoga-related websites. Today, we’re going to talk about yoga bracelets specifically, as yoga bracelets differ from mala beads a lot, though they are used for meditation and chakra balance as well.

Chakra Stone Bracelet

First of all, let’s figure out why chakra bracelets are recommended to wear even if you’re not into yoga. There is an idea of seven energy portals in our body, which whole yoga practice is based on. Those energy portals are called chakras, and they represent different colors and feelings. The bracelet represents those seven different chakras specifically. So, accordingly to yoga, wearing the chakra beads can help you balance your inner energy and emotions, to feel more centered, relaxed, and confident. Each stone on the bracelet represents something different. They are believed to help you to balance your emotions and feelings both in personal and professional life.

How to Use a Bracelet

Usually, a chakra bracelet consists of two different types of stones – bright, colorful chakra stones (agate, amber, tiger’s eye, green king stone, turquoise, lazurite, and purple crystal) and darker lava stones. The bright colors come in the exact form and order as the chakras in the body – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. The rest of the stones are used with the essential oils. You take whatever oil you like and sprinkle two-three drops between the lava stones. Then, you hang the accessory for 20-25 minutes somewhere around the house to let it dry a little bit. Voila! The chakra bracelet is ready. Now you can wear it all day long, enjoying the smell of your favorite oil. But don’t use essential oils with a very strong smell. A bracelet is created to calm down, relax, and provide balance.

Choose something among:

  • Neroli;
  • Lemon;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Lavender;
  • Sandalwood

By wearing certain crystals that promote better health for your chakras, you improve the energy balance in the whole body. This is what yogis believe in and what people who wear chakra bracelets talk about. Those who already own one of those bracelets claim they feel more grounded and relaxed on a daily basis. You can easily find hundreds of feedback online as well.

So, if you feel like your emotions have been unbalanced lately, give it a try and get a chakra bracelet, to see how it is going to help you practising yoga and balancing the emotions.

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