BabyBjörn One Air Baby Carrier

Introducing the newest addition to the BabyBjorn family! It’s the upgraded One Air Baby Carrier and it is one baby product worth purchasing. As a mother of two, with one on the way, BabyBjörn has been a brand I have always trusted. The baby carriers from this brand have kept me out and about, and are always comfortable to wear.

The One Air Baby Carrier is an exciting release and comes with four front and back carrying positions. You can have your child facing in or out on the front with two different height choices, or on the back as they grow older. This is designed to be ergonomic for both baby and adult. There are padded shoulder straps and a strong waist belt for Mum or Dad, and the leg holes are designed to be in the right position for their tiny, growing hips.

Take a look at this informative video:

It comes with an insert for infants and can be used from newborn as long as your baby is at least 3.5kg. In addition, the head support is adjustable and can keep them in the correct position even before they can hold their own head up without assistance. Made from a soft mesh fabric, this is supportive where it needs to be, while still remaining comfortable.

After your child turns one, they can then be carried on your back. This can be more practical as they get heavier! The One Air is adjustable to all body shapes and heights, and with other unsafe baby carriers appearing in the media recently, you can rest assured that this is one brand you can trust.

This ticks all the boxes, it is safe, comfortable, ergonomic and very very cute looking! I adore the frost green design – and one thing is for sure, BabyBjörn is my brand of choice when it comes to baby carriers for my family.

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