The private jet experience: Safe and secure luxury

Fear of flying, or aerophobia, is a common phobia amongst the general population. Aerophobia often comes from an awareness of the risks associated with flying. Some people’s phobia begins after a scary moment on a flight however they are never really in danger. 

Despite a belief of the opposite, private jets are safer to fly in than commercial planes. This is down to their smaller and more compact design. Here’s why you should consider a private flight instead of a commercial one next time you travel. 

Enhanced safety measures

Embracing the technological era is something that private aviation companies do well in order to keep their passengers as safe as possible. 

The most up-to-date companies will use third-party software solutions as part of their operating systems. Such software works by gathering vast sources of data from across the world to allow pilots and aircraft staff to get a picture of global safety in real-time. 

These operating processes provide pilots and cabin crew with a smoother journey whilst troubling shooting any issues before they become a problem.

Controlled access

If flying with other people is a factor that makes you anxious then a private jet rental can help to calm those nerves. You will be able to control who is in the main body of the plane with you to minimise stress as only people in your party or family will be allowed on the plane.

You can also gain peace of mind knowing that the cabin crew and pilots have been hand-selected and highly trained to make sure you are as safe and secure as possible. 

Enhanced maintenance and quality control

When flying privately, you can be assured that every member of staff is highly trained in all things service and safety. From the mechanics working on keeping the plane in top shape to the cabin crew who will protect you in the event of an emergency, the benefit of flying privately is that all of these people are there to look after you. 

If you are doing your research about companies to fly with make sure they are compliant with the safety standards set out by the European Aviation Safety Agency

Flying at higher altitudes

Turbulence is one of the things most likely to make people nervous during a flight. That feeling of dropping slightly is unpleasant but it is usually to do with the altitude at which the plane is flying. 

Commercial planes typically fly at 35,000 feet whereas private aircraft range between 41,000 to 45,000 feet. By travelling at higher altitudes, the amount of turbulence is reduced, meaning your flight will be smoother and more relaxing.

Another benefit of flying higher is that your pilot will be able to adjust to a safer flight path if needed a lot quicker than a commercial plane. By having fewer passengers and being a smaller aircraft these quick changes are easier to achieve and less noticeable to passengers. 

Overall, despite the myths, flying privately is a safer option than commercially. When you combine highly trained staff, the latest technology and refined safety procedures, you are set for a comfortable and relaxing flight.

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