How to Make the Most of Your Cheap Dresser

If you have a thrifty eye, you may have picked up furniture that’s in need of a makeover. Or, you may have pieces around your home that are in need of some DIY magic.

You can easily turn your old furniture into something that looks a lot more expensive and stylish.  

For example, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great-looking dresser.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your cheap dresser.

Remove the Drawers

Before you start making the dresser your own, you should remove the drawers and clean the insides. It’s not uncommon for essential household items to be stashed in the drawers. 

You don’t want any dirty socks, tissues, or food to end up in the dresser drawers (you’d be surprised what people find!). And if the dresser has been in the family for a while, it’s even more likely that there are things inside that you don’t necessarily want to see.

Paint the Dresser

Painting is a great way to brighten up a dingy, old dresser and make it look new. But you don’t necessarily have to paint your dresser with a bright color if that doesn’t feel right. Dark colors will just as easily breathe new life into your cheap dresser.

The most important part of painting the dresser is doing it after you’ve taken out the drawers. You don’t want to paint the inside of the drawer, as doing so tends to prevent the drawer from sliding properly.

Add Hardware and Feet

Hardware and feet can be used to add a lot of character and a modern feel to your dresser. You can also use them to make your old, cheap dresser better match the newer furniture in your bedroom. 

You can find a lot of hardware at home improvement stores and even many thrift stores. You can also find antique hardware at antique stores and at garage sales.

Add Shaped Storage Baskets

Dressers often have a single open shelf, but you can also add a variety of baskets and bins to give your dresser some much-needed storage. Some simply sit on top of your dresser, while others can be fashioned to hang from the sides via hooks.

Not only will your dresser provide more storage, but it will also add character and appeal to what may have been an otherwise boring unit.

Install Hooks and Rods

Hooks and rods are a great way to make your dresser more functional. You can use them to hang a variety of items, including scarves and purses. You can also use them to make your dresser more attractive. 

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are great for adding a touch of glamour to your dresser. And they can make a dresser look more like a piece of furniture that you’d see in a bedroom if your current setup is lacking character or style. You can easily find existing mirrors in all sorts of styles and arrangements, making this DIY add-on easy and manageable.

Add a Decorative Bottom

While you’re adding hooks, bins, and a mirror to your dresser, you can also add a decorative bottom. A decorative bottom is like a tray for your dresser. If your dresser’s current configuration allows for it, an added bottom will help with organization.

And it’ll also add some color and shape to your dresser that wasn’t there previously. A decorative bottom is a great way to make the most of your cheap dresser.

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