BOOK CLUB: Spring Blossoms at Mill Grange

Spring Blossom at Mill Grange is the third instalment following Midsummer Dreams at Mill Grange Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange by Jenny Kane.

I have not previously read the Mill Grange series, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel. It is a beautifully gentle yet pointed, and amusing yet thoughtful, feel-good relationship tale.

Based in the Exmoor countryside of Upwich a group of friends from all walks of life provide a rehabilitation program for veterans, such as the manor’s owners Tina and Sam

The book revolves around the lives of four couples Tina and Sam, Shaun and Thea, Tom and Helen, Bert and Mabel, including other characters within the storyline. Each of them has past haunts and face tough challenges but through perseverance, friendship and support they draw strength from each other. 

Helen will soon have to say goodbye to Tom as her sabbatical comes to an end, returning to her job at Roman Baths; their relationship is uncertain, as much as Tom is in love with her both have a  hard time acknowledging and expressing their feelings. Tom needs to take into consideration his son Dylan who gets on well with Helen as well as having to deal with an interfering ex.  Amongst the relationship drama; Sam and Tina’s wedding is fast approaching with added stresses to make the day perfect.

Thea and Shaun are to embark on a new adventure as co-experts on a dig for a new television show with an irksome producer. Mable and Bill are a solid unit until Bill is hospitalised and worrisome times lay ahead as they both feel anxious and overwhelmed for his wellbeing. 

Jenny writes with empathy, and the extra sparkle of romance and wit is delightful. Her writing skill feels as though it is grounded in reality and you find yourself connecting with the characters. A lovely easy read novel to be curled up on the couch with. 

I will definitely be purchasing the first two novels; I want to know how their lives entered Mill Grange and how relationships evolved. A fourth book will conclude the series. 

ISBN: 9781800246058
Copy courtesy of Head of Zeus (2021)

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