Easy Ways To Create Your Own Clothes Without Leaving Your Home

Creating clothes from the comfort of your home is convenient and simple. It can be a fun hobby and is actually becoming quite popular. With all the new online tools and software available, making clothing has never been easier.

There are services that let you design and upload artwork directly onto your wardrobe piece before shipping it to your home address. There is no hassle, and designing clothing online can be a user-friendly experience.

How to Create Your Own Clothes Online

When you’re ready for a new look or simply want to experiment with a cool idea, you can create a brand new piece of clothing online. There are many tools available that make creating clothing a quick process. 

Create a Concept Look

If you have no idea where to start, you can check out some great t-shirt ideas on clothing designer blogs and other websites. Pinterest has tons of creative and funky t-shirt ideas. You don’t have to be a visionary, just have an idea in mind and go from there.

Once you figure out what type of design you want, make sure the image fits the specifications for the upload. Placing an image on the shirt with the wrong pixelation can make it blurry or misshaped. Try to get a very high-resolution image. 

Pick Your Wardrobe Piece

Look for a shirt, pants, hoodie, hat, skirt, or other clothing pieces that fit your design. You may want to place a larger design on the back of a hoodie if it has a zipper. For t-shirts, the front or the back works.

For tank tops, you may only have minimal space on the front but not the back. Be wary of the style and shape of your clothes and how the design may look when printed. Do what makes sense. 

Pick a Color

There will be a variety of colors to choose from for each hat, top, or bottom that you select. Not all colors will be available for all styles of clothes. You should be able to see which colors are available beneath each t-shirt style.

Try to pick a color that will enhance your t-shirt artwork. If it is a black or dark shirt, don’t place artwork that is dark or has black lettering. This will be hard to see. Try to find contrasting colors. 

Upload Your Design

When you upload your design, pay close attention to how it fits onto the top, bottom, or hat. The sizing and the location of the image should be placed carefully and correctly. That way, you won’t have printing issues and be dissatisfied when the item arrives in the mail.

Try different styles and see which items fit best with that design or pattern. Try using different styles of clothes, as you may find that what you initially envisioned fits better on a totally different piece. 

Seal the Deal 

When you feel content with your creation, you can then purchase it and send it to yourself. You can pay on the same platform that you made the clothing piece. Just don’t forget to double-check your address for accuracy. 

Get Started Now

Give it a shot and design your own clothes online with Printful. It is fun and easy to do with the long-lasting reward of a uniquely designed piece of clothing.  

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