BOOK CLUB: The Hope Flower

The Hope Flower is written by bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek, Joy Dettman.

Lori is the only daughter in the Smyth-Owen tribe of 12 children. Mavis, her mother has not been a parent to any of the children. Mavis ate and smoked herself into such bad health that she is bedridden. This has left Lori as the mum of the house. 

She grew up quickly because she had to. She was the one to cook and clean and look after the kids. Her older brothers helped as best they could. 

Lori took charge of Mavis’s bank card which gave her access to the Centrelink payments Mavis would receive for all those children.  Lori knew how to deal with feeding hungry mouths on a budget, and she managed the bills and always paid them on time. 

When they saw how much money Mavis was spending on cigarettes they decided to cut her off and put her on a diet. Although Lori lived in fear that the hateful Mavis would die and the family would be split up if child services came in and took charge. 

Lori’s battle was to try her best to keep the family together. As Mavis loses weight she becomes more mobile which brings about even more challenges. It was easier in many ways when she couldn’t leave her bedroom. Once Mavis is able to leave the house things go from bad to worse.

This is a riveting story of a family of children that love each other dearly and the things they manage to do to show that love. Love that they did not receive from their mother, who only seems good at spewing hateful and hurtful remarks and given the opportunity, physical violence.

It wasn’t until I had almost finished this book that I discovered that it is the sequel to “Henry’s Daughter” which I am now going to have to purchase. You do not have to read Henry’s Daughter first. The Hope Flower works well as a standalone book.

This book would make an excellent movie or TV mini-series.

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Publisher: Pan MacMillan Australia / ISBN: 9781760984106

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