BOOK CLUB: Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage by Samantha Tonge.

This book has a wonderful central character, Lizzie. It is a story of family secrets, courage to be your own person, healing, and of course romance!

Lizzie is following her dream, she is a tattoo artist and happy in a relationship with Ash. She has achieved independence and wanted to show her parents her success.

Her Aunt Fiona arrives with shattering news. Lizzie’s parents have been killed in an accident. Realisation dawns on Lizzie that she has left it too late to reach out and reconcile with them. They had not spoken for 5 years, ever since the incident on her mother’s 60th Birthday. 

Lizzie’s parents had acquired several properties and they are left to Lizzie. But there is another property that has been kept a secret from Lizzie.  Streamside Cottage in Leafton, a small country village. Lizzie accidentally overhears that this cottage has been left to her Aunt Fiona and that she does not want anything to do with it.

One year later, her relationship with Ash is over and there are so many unexplained and unanswered questions about her parents. Lizzie decides to visit Streamside Cottage.

The locals believe the cottage to be haunted, but Lizzie feels at peace there.

She reflects on her happy childhood, her very overprotective parents and her estrangement from them. As she researches the history of the cottage, family secrets are exposed.

It is a lovely story with a surprise ending and the family secrets draw you in. It is an easy to read story, with the chapters switching from the past to the present. Uniquely, each chapter starts with a tattoo fact, adding another dimension to the book.

An excellent read. I hope there will be a sequel!

ISBN: 9781800241671

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