How To Take Fashionable Photographs For Social Media

Fashion photography is slowly but surely taking over social networking services. Professional photographers and amateur users alike have a common goal–to post captivating, powerful fashion shots online. 

Hashtags, like #OOTD, posts have been prevalent for years and continue to populate social media. This is because hashtags are the best feature to use to track these fashion-related posts. It’s also the easiest way to join the trend. Click here for fashion photography hashtags that are most commonly used for such posts.

With the staggering amount of fashion-related posts every day, coming up with standout photos can be quite a challenge. To help you out, here are some tips on how to take the perfect fashion photo.

  1. Highlight The Look

The ultimate goal of fashion photography is to bring life to fashion. A good photo should be able to perfectly capture style on your social media feed–be it haute couture, luxury fashion, street style, or economy. Showcase the clothes as much as possible, but also bring attention to the makeup and hairstyling as they complete the overall aesthetic. 

Don’t be afraid to use the zoom function to emphasize important details. If the fabric has a unique texture or pattern, capture it with a tight shot. To show off bold accessories or bags, have the model lift their arm or wrist. If you want to focus on the shoes, have them sit with their feet pointing forward or propped up.

  1. Direct Your Subject

Your model is the star of the show since the success of your output depends on how well they can engage the viewer. 

Try these several techniques to grab the viewer’s attention through the lens:

  • Use body language. Various facial expressions and poses add color to the clothes and accessories. Choosing poses can be tricky at times but the right posture, stance, or body angle can give personality to the outfit.
  • Capture movement. A common misconception about photoshoots is that the subject must be still at all times. Instead, have your model walk, run, jump, lean, use their hands or feet, or simply play with their clothes if it’ll help reinforce the vibe you’re going for.
  • Go candid. Sometimes, you just have to let your subject lead the way. Capture unguarded moments such as when they’re not looking directly into the camera, adjusting their clothes, or transitioning into the next pose. More often than not, these are the shots that look like they belong to the pages of editorial magazines.
  1. Make The Photos Talk

The best photos are the ones that tell a story. That being said, it’s best to plan ahead of time so you can create the most appropriate setting to convey your concept. 

For instance, street fashion shoots are mostly done in urban areas. Choose the right backdrop that’ll complement the subject’s look. If the outfit looks laid-back or muted, shoot at a busy environment or incorporate bright-colored props. These details may appear small but they add dimension to your photo.

Take note of these basic photography rules:

  • Framing and lighting help create an atmosphere. Take note of where you place your subject. If you’re not familiar with the basic rules of photography yet, the ‘rule of thirds’ is your best friend. Simply divide your field of view into three, both vertically and horizontally, like how you would draw a tic-tac-toe grid. Your subject should be aligned with one of the intersection points.
  • Shoot from a low vantage point. Shooting upwards create the illusion of a longer and more model-like body. For more advanced photographers, it pays to experiment with a variety of angles. It all boils down to making the shot more interesting and visually appealing.
  • Strive for the perfect lighting. This is easy if you have access to a studio with complete lighting equipment. Otherwise, you can always improvise with artificial lighting sources and reflectors when shooting indoors. 

On the other hand, shooting on location gives you natural sunlight but it may be harder to control. As a tip, watch out for overexposure or unwanted shadows.

Know The Rules Of Your Chosen Social Media

So, you’ve managed to produce a decent fashion photo, but it did not look good on your feed. Why? Because you didn’t consider the visual design of different social media apps.

Apps and sites have their own image size recommendations for different kinds of posts. It’s also crucial to decide whether to use portrait or landscape orientation. What looks good on Facebook and Twitter may not always be the same when posted on Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t let your efforts go to waste, so check sizing guides available online.

If you’re not adept at photography, you can find an expert to execute your ideas. But even with basic knowledge and skills, it’s possible to take great fashion photos. All it takes is an understanding of how to marry the elements of photography and fashion into a tiny square on your camera.

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