USER REVIEWS: No Pong Deodorant

No Pong deodorants are different! They contain natural ingredients and are free from parabens and aluminium. They are also cruelty-free AND plastic-free.

Natural deodorants can sound intimidating, especially if you have never tried them before. The good news is, these actually work!

The No Pong deodorants are sweat-resistant, environmentally friendly, and Australian made.

Trust us, these products are not what you would expect, and most people who try them become converted to this healthier alternative. No Pong is available in original, vegan, and bicarb-free variations.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club Members have been testing the No Pong Deodorant range. Our featured reviewer is Lyn B, one of our product testers. Lyn says,

I have been looking for a natural aluminium free deodorant (that works) for quite a while and had tried a few natural ones before. However, I found that many of them just smelt good initially and then didn’t do much at all.

No Pong on the other hand works! I have been using it while outside gardening on the hottest of days. And I am pleased to say I have felt dry all day and not stinky!  

The main one I tried has a pleasant, subtle fragrance called Spicy Chai. It is barely noticeable and is light enough that it would not clash with any perfume or other fragrances that you wear. The original No Pong has a pleasant and light fragrance. There is also has a bicarb free version for those with more sensitive skin, which I also tried and liked. 

My previous deodorant experiences have been with sprays and roll-ons so I wasn’t sure what to make of No Pong’s cream styling, but I soon got used to it. And I found a small amount, that you rub in under each armpit, does the trick. It feels dry right after you apply it.  

The little tins that No Pong come in are also quite a convenient size and shape and will be very handy when/if we ever get to travel again!!

Fingers crossed it will be soon! No Pong is a great all Australian product that I would recommend to anyone who is after a natural product that really works! 

If you have tried the No Pong range we would love to read your feedback in the comments section below. To learn more about the brand or to start shopping, please visit:

Thank you to No Pong for participating in this user trial.

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