BOOK CLUB: Brand New Brand You

Brand New Brand You by Garry Browne is a great resource, applying marketing techniques to your career, personal brand, relevance and reputation. I’m a marketing academic, and I found the information and activities in the book were very relevant and useful.

The author has over 40 years of branding experience, and it shows. He draws on his expertise to provide tips for developing and maintaining your personal brand. The book takes you through various career stages – from starting out, to mid-career and pre-retirement.

The role of mentoring is discussed. I really loved the idea of relevance to your field and acknowledging how this can change. The book also talks about building connections, something that is critical as you’re establishing and strengthening your career.

Brand New Brand You is short and easy to read, but still thought provoking. I’m sure anyone will benefit from the questions the author suggests you ponder on, the frameworks provided, and the easy to digest nature of the book. Thanks to Garry Browne for writing this book!

Thanks to Beauty and Lace for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

ISBN: 9781925921816

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