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Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read Bluebird by Malcolm Knox.

The Lodge is perched on the side of a cliff in a prime location with stunning views over Bluebird Beach. It has fallen into disrepair.

The residents of the Lodge are Gordon Grimes, his soon to be ex-wife Kelly and their son Ben. Gordon’s goddaughter has come to stay, as has Kelly’s stepmother, Leonie.

Kelly has a 1/3 share in The Lodge given to her 20 years prior by her father, Noel. Leonie has inherited the remaining shares in The Lodge, plus other property from her husband. Unexpectedly, Leonie gifts Gordon a 1/3 share.  Gordon has lost his job and he and Kelly have no money to put towards repairs. Leonie is not prepared to help with any upkeep.

Gordon is desperate to save The Lodge from the developers. However, Leonie has other plans. Kelly has cheated on Gordon with his best friend, who had embarrassingly left her at the alter 30 years prior. 

With his marriage in as much disrepair as The Lodge, and coping with his aging parents, Gordon is exhausted. Gordon’s childhood friends, now a banker, lawyer and a councillor are all in their 50s and are still in his life. They are all clinging to a Bluebird lifestyle.

As all the Bluebird secrets and lies from the past 42 years emerge, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together leading to a dramatic conclusion.

Although the book is long and there are a lot of characters to get to know in the early chapters, it is well worth persevering. It is well written, with humour, showing complicated family and small-town relationships. 

A great read.  Four stars!

ISBN: 9781760877422 / Copies courtesy of Allen and Unwin

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