101 Cocktail Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist (Part 1)

Summer is coming and cocktails (or mocktails) are on the menu! If you are sick of the same old tunes, we have created the ultimate list of songs to drink to.

In no particular order, and from no particular era, give this mix a try because it will be sure to be your go-to the next time you need a summer playlist. This is part 1, but if you have Spotify, you can access our full playlist of 101 songs.

#1. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes
What better way to kick this playlist off than with a Pina Colada classic. Before Tinder, there were personal ads, and the song is kind of a brutal, yet funny romance story.

#2. Best Love by Rose Royce
Your shoulders will start moving and your feet will start tapping to this summer disco extravaganza. Shake up your cocktail to the beat of this retro 70’s hit.

#3. Busy Earnin’ by Jungle
In 2014 Jungle released this summery RNB tune. Somehow we missed it at the time, but now, just like the line in the single says, we “can’t get enough!”

#4. Funky Sensation by Gwen McCrae
Can you feel the funky sensation? If your body isn’t dancing yet, it is time to pour yourself another Cosmopolitan and move to the vibes only the 80’s can bring.

#5. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ by The Scissor Sisters
If you don’t feel like dancing, that’s OK. Get your drink on instead, and listen to this American summer pop pick me up.

#6. Live Like We’re Dancing by Mura Masa and Georgia
Bring the club to your garden with this eclectic mix of indie, dance, and electropop. Turn it up to dance, or use it as background music to brighten the mood.

#7. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles
What is this song about? You tell us, because it has been the subject of debate in our home since it first started infiltrating our Sunday afternoons.

#8. Everybody’s Dancing’ by Cindy Blackman and Santana
Could we have a summer cocktail playlist without the strum of Santana’s guitar? No, we could not. This one will make you feel nostalgic once summer is gone.

#9. Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band
A fan favourite, this quirky 70’s song may sound sweet and innocent, but it is actually about being intimate before the sun goes down. That’s sure to work up an appetite.

#10. Move Your Feet by Junior Senior
In 2002 this Danish pop hit was released, and it is still at the top of summer playlists today. Move your feet and feel united, unless you have had too many cocktails then you may need to sit.

#11. Charlemagne by Blossoms
Charlemagne was a medieval King, and this little ditty from Blossoms will be a royal addition to your summer playlist. It hooks you in with a classic, yet addictive English rock vibe.

#12. Left Hand Free by alt-J
You know you are always going to get an eccentric yet thoughtful indie-rock experiment when you listen to alt-J. One of the more summery singles, this poetic number pairs perfectly with a Bourbon Old Fashioned cocktail.

#13. Won’t You See by GL
Mariah Carey, you may have some competition with the high hitting notes from GL. Although self-described as dance electric, this homegrown Melbourne duo will still satisfy pop enthusiasts.

#14. Come For Me by Sunflower Bean
Fitted for cocktail drinking, working out, or cleaning the house, this summer pop-rock tune is empowering and uplifting. The up and coming American band got this one right.

#15. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
This LA debut single from Foster the People is as popular now as when it was first released. It may have a summery, easy-going feel to it but the lyrics send a strong message. The song shines the spotlight on gun violence and school shootings.

#16. After the Disco by Broken Bells
It has an underlying disco beat. It has high notes and a toe-tapping tune. Plus, it has an upbeat vocalist with a voice that is slightly melancholic. It sounds modern yet retro. Slightly contradictive? That’s how we like our music.

#17. Roam by The B-52’s
This song requires no introduction for those of us over the age of 30. Take a trip around the world, and back in time to 1989. Shoulder pads, hairspray, and denim are optional (yet recommended).

#18. Cheating by John Newman
That voice! That big band! What’s not to love? The English Mr Newman has brought it all, with pianos and a choir thrown in the musical mix. This will be a summer cocktail party classic, and something many of us can relate to.

#19. California Soul by Marlena Shaw
An oldie but goldie! When we think of California it really does get us in the mood for the summer months. PS. we predict one day this will feature in a Tarantino movie.

#20. She Loves Me Not by Faith No More
You will feel like you are sitting in a cocktail bar when the high-to-low vocals of Mike Paton submerge your backyard. Unfortunately, the Aussie tour was rescheduled, but after a few cocktails, it will be easier to pretend we are there.

#21. Candy Shop (Funk Jam) by The Dan Band
Featured in The Hangover, this hilarious remix of the 50 Cent song has become a cult classic. Dan was discovered in a karaoke bar and now he is a highly sought after wedding singer. Be sure to check out the other Dan Band songs, noting there may be coarse language.

#22. You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
“Now’s as good as any to start drinking,” and that is why we are here to make your summer cocktail soiree a good one! You may think this swinging Southern Californian band were from decades ago, but in fact, this song was released in 95.

#23. New York State of Mind (Glee Cast Version)
We can’t travel anywhere right now, but it is nice to dream. New York has a certain romanticism to it, and this big Glee ballad is perfect background music. What to drink? Try an Espresso Martini!

#24. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence + The Machine
When English indie rock band Florence + The Machine release a song, it is timeless. Rabbit Heart is no exception as it lifts you up while making you feel like it is OK to put down the devices and live in the moment.

#25. Do U Want It? By Papa Grows Funk
Do you want it? Maybe, maybe not. But you gotta have a little bit of New Orleans funk in your cocktail hour.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our 101 Summer Songs to Add to Your Cocktail Playlist. Or, you can groove, relax, and recharge to our full playlist on Spotify. You’re welcome!

Thanks to my music-obsessed hubby for the input. Check out his recipe for Vodka Infused with Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint. It is a game-changer!

Something we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.


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