BOOK CLUB: Our Dark Secret

Author: Jenny Quintana
ISBN: 9781509839476
Category: Crime & mystery
Publisher: Pan Macmillan 

I found this a light easy murder mystery read by Jenny Quintana, a story based on friendship, relationships, obsession, secrets, and abuse. 

The story revolves around two timelines between 1979 when a body is found and twenty years later in 1999 when another body is discovered.

In 1978 Elizabeth Valentine is an insecure, naïve 14-year-old, she is intelligent but overweight and lonely which sets her aside being unpopular at school. She likes to stretch the truth and fantasizes to compensate for her painful home life after her father leaves their family home for another woman.  

Elizabeth longs for a best friend she can share secrets with and form life long memories; she then meets Rachel, a slightly older girl connected to Elizabeth’s father when he starts dating Charlotte, Rachel’s mother. Elizabeth becomes infatuated with Rachel and dotes on every part of her life.  When a body is found near their secret den and the police investigate the murder the girls are not questioned even though Rachel and Elizabeth have a secret that binds them together.  

Now in 1999 Elizabeth, an adult is trying to forget the past, she is still overweight, sad and lonely and still feels the scars her childhood has left behind.  When she finds out about the second body being discovered she feels she must come forward and uncover the secret she has kept hidden all these years especially seeing she knows the identity of the second victim.  

The beginning of the novel is slow but will keep you guessing until the end where the speed picks up and all is revealed but I do feel this novel was dragged out and it could have been more dramatic and edgy for a murder mystery. It is not a high recommendation but if you like a slow burn book with a satisfying end then it’s for you.  

Thanks to B&L and Pan Macmillan for providing a copy of this book for the read and review.

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