BOOK CLUB: The Numbers Game

Author: Danielle Steel
ISBN: 978-1509878338
Copy courtesy of Pan Macmillian 

Forced by their parents to marry when they were young because Eileen was pregnant, both Paul and Eileen have their regrets for what their lives might have been.  Eileen wonders how different her life would have been if she had followed her dream and become the Editor that she had so wanted to be. Paul holds a deep resentment for the different paths his life took also, but unlike Eileen, he lays the blame right at her feet.

He is now stuck in a job he hates, in a marriage to someone he feels resentment for, finds boring, and is a Dad to 3 kids he loves but never wanted. When the young and very attractive Olivia comes into his life he finds the excitement that his marriage had been lacking.   His world is turned upside down when Eileen discovers his affair and demands that he move out.

Eileen takes some time but decides on a plan to move her life forward. Olivia learns more about what she wants and what she doesn’t want in life, and she also follows her dream.  

Pennie, the teenage daughter of Paul and Eileen, dearly loves her boyfriend Tim and she is crushed when Tim ends their relationship. Things happen that force them back together and there is a battle between what Pennie feels is right, what Tim feels as right, and what everyone else feels they should do.  They all fight for how they feel things should be handled.

This story shows us how quickly and without real warning, life can change but somehow we all come out the other end.  Often changed but with a new normal.

This is a very easy book to read and I found the characters likable and easy to understand, even if there were times I wanted to slap Paul for trying to force others to make the same choices that made his own life miserable.

A lovely book to add to your Covid-19 lockdown reading pile.  

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