Rekorderlig Blush Rosé

Can’t decide between a cider and a Rosé? With Swedish brand Rekorderlig, you don’t have to because their Blush Rosé ticks both those boxes. This premium pear cider has a twist of strawberry peach for a soft, fruity flavour that is a little bit sweet and a little bit dry. This is perfect for those who like a crisp, light drink.

Your summer refreshments are sorted with these lower sugar, low calorie, low carb drinks that have an alcohol content of 4.0%. Plus the Blush Rosé is vegan friendly and gluten free.

This is a beverage that even fussy drinkers will like, even my beer drinking husband said it was a refreshing alternative to have in the fridge.

Packaged in glass, recyclable bottles, the four pack contains 330ml drinks with crown seal tops (so bring your bottle opener). Because of the “wine” feel and the soft pink colour you can use a wine glass if you prefer!

A four pack of the Rekorderlig Blush Rosé will cost you $19.99

Please drink responsibly.

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