Vietnam Beauty

Most travelers, when visiting Asia, have Vietnam as a must-see and on the top of their bucket list. Whether for its beautiful landscapes or welcoming and hospitable people, everyone seems to want more of Vietnam and explore its wilder version. However, what many travelers forget is that the beauty in the country isn’t only in its astonishing landscapes and temples; its people, the colors, textures, tastes, and aromas are what embellish the entirety of this country.

Of course, if you plan on going, you can’t miss out on any of the important places that make Vietnam what it is. These include Halong Bay, enchanting Hoi An’s Ancient Town, or the Cu Chi Tunnels, among others.  

As of today, traveling is much easier, and going to faraway places is much more achievable compared to what our grandparents experienced. However, there will always be some requirements. To begin any of your travels abroad, we recommend you first take a look at all the things you need to get ready for your trip.  We suggest you check out a great tool to get all this ready from the comfort of your seat, ****. 

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You’ll be pleased to know that, besides getting your **Vietnam eVisa** online, they will help you get your photo taken without having to look for a professional photography studio to do so. Honestly, it’s a very useful instrument to have in hand when preparing for your trip anywhere you want to go, so be sure to give it a look.

Once you have all the paperwork dealt with and arrived in the country, we advise you to visit the numerous beauty spas available around Vietnam. Whether you’re looking for a simple relaxing massage or a full body massage and spa treatment, you will find providers of all price ranges. Imagine yourself in a spa resort viewing the scenic Da Nang Bay or the Marble Mountains while getting rejuvenating steam therapy. The options are countless, from full-body massages to hot tubs with ocean views that will captivate you.

Let’s not forget the exquisite Vietnamese gastronomy that has taken over the world. It’s precisely the correct climate and biodiversity that provide the perfect tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make delightful dishes like a Bun Bo Nam Bo, beef on rice noodles; Thit Nuong, grilled pork, or the traditional Pho, a tasty Vietnamese noodle soup made with different protein options that vary from tofu to pork.

The beauty of it is that Vietnamese cuisine is mouth-watering and very healthy! Nowadays, more and more people are taking care of themselves at all levels. Masses are starting to focus more on health rather than only beauty standards. This is because it’s a lifestyle change, and you want to feel more healthy or because of the everlasting trend of eternal youth. Whatever your reasons, if you are looking for lighter dishes, you will find options for all tastes, like some Goi Cuon, Fresh Spring Rolls, Goi Tom, a flavorsome Shrimp Salad, or Goi Ngo Sen, Lotus Root Salad.

Around different parts of Vietnam, you will find all sorts of resorts, spas, lodges, and hostels. It’s advisable to visit Halong Bay as many know, but you mustn’t forget about Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, where you will find enormous cave formations; Hue, a gorgeous historic town that allows you to sail the Perfume River; My Son, a temple surrounded by dense jungle and finally, Hanoi, a city that brings together thousands of travelers visiting Vietnam, for its nightlife and incredible museums.

Whatever your budget is, it is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the pleasures of a tropical paradise filled with history, tradition, colors, and flavors worth visiting.

So how about you start preparing your bags, some sunblock, and all the documents you need to treat yourself to the vacation of your life and certainly an experience you won’t forget. Visit Vietnam and be astounded by its natural beauty and various UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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  1. We visited Vietnam before covid and just loved it. Did all the tourist things, enjoyed the wonderful food and met the welcoming locals. Truly a great experience and one I’d really recommend!

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