What is a Cosmetic Tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoo involves a process where the upper layer of the skin is tattooed with unique pigments to accentuate the natural beauty of the face permanently.

This typically encompasses services like tattooing eyebrows, applying eyeliner tattoos, and lip tattooing.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic tattoos, or permanent or semi-permanent makeup, are applied to create a makeup effect that endures for an extended or shorter duration.

Types of cosmetic tattoos include the application of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip contouring, and lip blush. There are rarer forms, too, such as tattoos for creating face and body freckles and enhancing the hairline.

The choice of cosmetic tattooing method varies based on the specific permanent makeup look being aimed for. Would you like to know more about the various cosmetic tattooing methods?

Types of cosmetic tattooing services

Listed here are the most frequently administered cosmetic tattooing treatments.

Eyebrow Tattooing

The process of tattoo eyebrows involves embedding specialised pigment into the eyebrow region. This technique delivers enduring fullness, colour, and shape to the eyebrows.

Its rising popularity is attributed to its ability to mimic the natural appearance of real eyebrows, eliminating the need for daily eyebrow makeup.

Techniques for eyebrow tattoos

  • Powder eyebrows
  • Comb eyebrows
  • Ombré eyebrows


Microblading, specifically, crafts feather-like strokes and augments sparse or thin eyebrows.

Differing from permanent eyebrow tattoos, microblading eyebrows are a temporary solution, usually lasting several months to a year or more, depending on the pigment’s depth.

Eyeliner Tattooing

The cosmetic procedure of permanent eyeliner tattooing involves applying semi-permanent pigment to accentuate the lash line.

This method is time-saving, removing the daily necessity of applying eyeliner. The appeal of eyeliner tattoos lies in their ability to offer smudge-resistant, semi-permanent eyeliner lasting one to three years without retouching.

Eyeliner tattoo techniques

  • Lash Line
  • Shading Technique
  • Classic Eyeliner

Lip Tattooing

Cosmetic lip tattooing enhances the shape and colour of lips with semi-permanent pigment. This procedure aims to amplify the lips’ natural features and can be employed to adjust the lip line.

The most prevalent technique in lip blush Melbourne is the application of a natural pink hue to make lips appear fuller and more colourful.

Lip tattoo techniques

  • Lip line tattoo
  • Ombre lips
  • Watercolour lips
  • Tattoo lipstick
  • Neutralising dark lips

What distinguishes a tattoo from a cosmetic tattoo?

While both involve skin injection for enhancement, traditional and cosmetic tattoos differ in composition and permanency.

Traditional tattoos employ highly concentrated pigments meant to last indefinitely, whereas cosmetic tattoos utilise finer pigment particles that are less intense and not as deeply ingrained in the skin.

This approach minimises discomfort and hastens recovery, resulting in semi-permanent effects. The durability of these effects hinges on the injection method and subsequent care.

Cosmetic tattoos, a type of semi-permanent makeup, are primarily used to accentuate facial features, unlike traditional tattoos, which can adorn any body part. Moreover, cosmetic tattoos are comparatively more straightforward to eliminate as they naturally diminish or can be removed with a specific solution.



Makeup items typically expire within 1 to 2 years of opening, necessitating periodic replacement. Furthermore, the lifespan of cosmetic products varies, with lipsticks often ranging from 20 to 35 dollars, depending on the brand.

Regular depletion of makeup supplies can lead to unnoticed expenditure on cosmetics.


Permanent makeup obviates the need for hurried morning rituals and guarantees lasting appearance in diverse conditions like rain, swimming, or tears.


Permanent makeup can substantially boost self-esteem, particularly those insecure about their natural appearance.

Tattooing offers a practical solution for enhancing certain facial aspects and correcting natural imbalances or scars with the aid of a Melbourne cosmetic tattoo expert.

Who is suitable for cosmetic tattoos?

People of various ages seeking to enhance their looks can find cosmetic tattooing beneficial, suited for subtle and more pronounced enhancements.

Cosmetic tattoos offer particular advantages to individuals who:

  • Want to augment their current features
  • Have challenges in applying makeup
  • Have impaired vision
  • Lead hectic lives with minimal time for makeup application
  • Need help with steady hand movements
  • Suffer from eye allergies due to makeup use.
  • They are involved in professions like entertainment or modelling, often under the spotlight
  • Engage in sports activities and prefer makeup that withstands sweating and doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.
  • Experience sparse or nonexistent eyebrows

How permanent makeup works

Experts in permanent makeup are proficient professionals, employing a range of techniques, either by hand or with machine assistance, tailored to your specific cosmetic preferences. Numbing the area beforehand guarantees a more comfortable procedure with minimal distress.

Expect the newly applied pigment to lighten by roughly 50% in the week following. After two weeks, a second session may be scheduled to fine-tune the pigment to your liking. It’s essential to recognise that a yearly touch-up might be necessary for many clients due to the pigment’s nearness to the skin’s surface.

Is cosmetic tattooing safe?

As for the safety of cosmetic tattooing, this process involves the insertion of pigmented particles beneath the skin’s upper layers using delicate needles. While it’s generally a safe procedure, the possibility of allergic reactions exists.

Consultation with a dermatologist or physician is crucial to rule out any allergic reactions to the pigments before this procedure. Individuals with sensitive skin are advised to take additional measures to circumvent potential side effects like redness, irritation, and swelling.

To avert infections, cosmetic tattoo practitioners should utilise sterile tools, and clients need to prepare adequately to keep their blood sugar levels stable during the procedure. With these precautions, the experience of cosmetic tattooing can be both secure and pleasing.

Does a cosmetic tattoo hurt?

Cosmetic tattooing might lead to some discomfort akin to what is experienced in other tattooing methods. However, cosmetic tattooing is usually more bearable compared to traditional tattoos, which are often quite painful.

Clients undergoing cosmetic tattooing and feathering eyebrows might notice sensations of pressure or mild stinging as the fine needles make repeated entries into the skin. Considering facial skin’s delicate and sensitive nature, it’s normal for patients to experience discomfort during and after the procedure.

Pain relief creams are accessible to reduce discomfort during cosmetic tattooing, enhancing the overall comfort of the session.

How long does the tattoo last?

A cosmetic tattoo, such as those for eyebrows, lashline, or lip blushing, generally remains for 1 to 3 years.

Several elements can affect its durability.

  • The client’s immune response plays a part in the pace at which the pigment fades. Those with a robust immune system, who seldom fall ill, may find the pigment dissipating quicker; in contrast, cosmetic makeup tends to last longer for individuals with normal to dry skin than oily skin.
  • As a person ages, the staying power of permanent makeup on their skin tends to increase.
  • A pigment’s hue’s lifespan depends on its intensity, with lighter colours fading more swiftly and deeper shades enduring longer.
  • Sun exposure can negatively impact your cosmetic brow tattoo. Protective measures, such as sunscreens with SPF 30, 50, or higher, are crucial to preserving your permanent makeup tattoo.
  • Other factors like swimming, exercising, sauna use, and facial treatments, including peels and cleansing, can rapidly fade pigments in your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.

How much does permanent makeup cost?

The price of permanent makeup is contingent on your particular treatment objectives and any extra options you might select.

Your surgeon will detail the cost during your consultation, and our group is on hand to aid in creating a payment arrangement that accommodates your financial requirements.

How to select a tattoo artist

Undertaking comprehensive research and identifying a proficient, accredited technician is vital before engaging in semi-permanent makeup or any procedure that involves skin penetration by a needle. Beyond the risks of infection and additional complications, there’s also a possibility of being discontented with the artistic and design results. It should be noted that semi-permanent makeup is enduring, lasting years rather than just weeks or months.

To diminish or avert risks, it’s critical to research the artist you intend to use extensively. This involves confirming their licensure and expertise and ensuring their artistic style resonates with your aesthetic tastes. Engaging in an in-depth dialogue regarding your anticipated results and expectations is crucial in avoiding dissatisfaction.

Is it possible to remove permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup, intended to be enduring, may require an expensive and complex procedure for removal. This cosmetic technique resembles tattooing, with shallower skin insertion and distinct pigments.

In cases of dissatisfaction with permanent makeup outcomes or adverse reactions, several removal methods are accessible.

Various approaches, including laser and non-laser techniques, can erase permanent cosmetic applications like micropigmentation or microblading.

Laser Tattoo Removal Method

Lasers effectively eradicate tattoos from numerous body areas, such as eyebrows. This method can remove permanent makeup, including microbladed or ombre eyebrows, lip tattoos, and permanent eyeliner, among other cosmetic tattoos.

Tattoo removal Melbourne stands as the predominant choice for tattoo elimination. Technological advancements have simplified the removal of unwanted ink, offering a safer alternative to DIY methods that might lead to severe skin damage or scars. 

During eyebrow laser removal, a concentrated light targets the skin, fragmenting the pigment into minuscule particles, facilitating its natural expulsion from the body.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Method

Non-laser removal of cosmetic tattoos is gentler and less invasive than laser treatments, minimising scarring risks.

This method suits those dissatisfied with their microblading eyebrows, outdated permanent makeup, uneven eyebrows, or irregular pigmentation.

Eyebrow Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Process

This removal technique involves injecting a specific solution beneath the skin using a needle, aiming at the pigment, similar to a tattoo application.

Once applied and penetrated into the skin with a tattoo machine, the removal liquid prompts the body to expel the undesired pigment. This initiates osmosis, where the saline solution draws ink out through the skin’s outer layer.

Following this, a scab forms within five to ten days, and the pigment is removed. This method effectively extracts tattoo ink, paralleling the initial application technique.

It’s not permanent

Cosmetic tattooing is categorised as semi-permanent, indicating that maintenance touch-ups might be required every one to three years, subject to various determinants.

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