BOOK CLUB: The Day the Lies Began

Author: Kylie Kaden
ISBN: 9781925700381
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 19th August 2019
Publisher: Pantera Press
Copy: Courtesy of the publisher

Australian writer Kylie Kaden has produced a very good novel with twists and turns throughout.
Abbi and Blake have been brother and sister for a long time – but not in the traditional sense. Abbi is now married to Will – a local doctor and they have a 5-year-old daughter Eadie.

Hannah has returned home to teach at the local school after an extended absence away overseas. She has always had a crush on Blake who is the local cop from their school days. She has a younger sister Molly who is a troubled teenager and she hopes to rekindle her romance with Blake.

On the night of the Moon Festival, Eadie goes missing and everyone is looking for her. What they find will devastate all concerned and opens a tangled web of lies between these four characters.

I really enjoyed the setting and my only criticism is that at times it had a little too much descriptive narrative when telling the stories of the 4 main characters and this section dragged a little. However, once you get through that the story really ramps up and keeps you guessing throughout the remainder of the book – even down to the last page.

This is the second book of Kylie’s that I have read – looking back at Missing You I also rated it 4 stars – I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading thrillers and books in the domestic noir genre.

Thanks to Pantera Press, 25 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading The Day the Lies Began. Please note the comments may contain spoilers.

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