Smart Clothing That You’ll Love To Wear

More and more fashion brands are experimenting in how to make our favourite garments a part of our digital lifestyles. Wearable technology is no longer limited to fitness trackers, watches and headphones. In the pipeline are textiles that monitor heart rate, sneakers that enhance athlete performance and even jackets that can play music at the touch of a finger.

While some of these designs are still a way off, there are many worthy items that are already on the shelves. Enter our top picks:

Heated Scarves

It may sound surprising, but in the cold winter months, most body heat is lost through the head and the neck. That’s why protecting them with good quality clothing is imperative. A battery operated heated scarf is the perfect way to provide gentle heat to these delicate regions. If you’re often travelling or live in a cold house, wrapping yourself up in a heated scarf can improve your wellbeing and protect you from catching a cold. They can also provide valuable support to the most vulnerable including people with disabilities and the elderly. The quality of heated scarves can vary, but if you’re interested, take a look at this list of top 5 heated scarves for inspiration.

Heated Gloves

Staying with the theme, if you’re perennially cold or work a tough outdoor job, heated gloves are exactly what you need. They’re also perfect for winter sports adrenaline junkies who are out shredding the snow for hours at a time. The beauty of this smart clothing is that they look like any other fashionable non-tech infused gloves, in fact you would never know that there is a battery weaved into the fabric. Heated gloves are activated with a push of a button and emit heat for several hours on a single charge. Before you place your order, do some research on where to buy heated gloves to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

Smart Backpacks

Are you always on the go and often find yourself desperately scouring for a plug socket to charge your gadgets? You need to switch from your old backpack to a brand new smart backpack! This practical accessory has advanced leas and bounds in recent years. Now you can get your favorite bags integrated with state of the art technology that connects to your other smart devices. No wonder tech experts The Gadget Nerds are calling smart backpacks the best invention in wearable technology for a decade. Once you try it, I guarantee it will simplify your life.

So what exactly do high tech backpacks offer? Well for starters, they come with charging ports and USB slots to power up your smart phone, tablet etc. They can also play your favorite tunes, stream videos and project light. In addition some eco-friendly models include hidden solar strips that will take power from nature instead of wasteful batteries. On top of all the techy features, most smart backpacks remain highly practical. For example they’re made out of durable and waterproof materials so that you can still use them all year round, no matter the weather.

If this is what’s already available in smart fashion, we can’t wait to see what to the future holds.

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