BOOK CLUB: The Fifth To Die

Author: J.D. Barker
ISBN: 9780008250393
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 23rd July 2018
Publisher: HQ Fiction
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The Fifth To Die is the sequel to The Fourth Monkey, these are the first two books in the 4MK Thriller series. I have heard that though this is the second in a series it does stand alone convincingly.

Dark, disturbing and a chilling insight into the mind of a serial killer; this one is not going to be for the faint of heart.

A young girl is found beneath the frozen waters of a lagoon and there is a list of inconsistencies that make the whole scene fail to add up. The police department start working on the case while Detective Porter continues investigating the 4MK case in secret, until he finds himself suspended.

The Fifth To Die is a race against a serial killer as the detectives do their best to stop the body count rising while Detective Porter follows leads that will hopefully assist them with another serial killer.

Gritty, dark and disturbing this one has had some great reviews. Some of our members are reading and I can’t wait to find out what they think.

J.D. Barker can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and his Website.

The Fifth To Die is out now. Thanks to HQ Fiction 20 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will also be reading The Fifth to Die so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.


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